hi friends! a bunch of bloggers are joining up insta-fridays over at life rearranged. so i thought i’d join up too! if you want to follow my pics, i’m lisaleonard on instagram. leave your instagram name in the comments and i’ll follow you too!

1.fish tacos at mo’s in san luis obispo

2. nap time with david and daddy

3. the artist works with a new medium-colored pencils

4. right before we saw kung fu panda 2 {and loved it!}

5. powell’s candy shop in san luis obispo

6. a close-up of a pretty flower

so glad it’s friday! steve and i are in seattle because i’m speaking at a bloggy boot camp and a we’re squeezing in a little play time. the boys are home with some sweet friends of ours. we miss them, but it’s so good to get away.

what are your weekend plans?