hello monday {boutique love: hands gallery}

Before they were ever carrying my jewelry, Hands Gallery in downtown San Luis Obispo was one of my very favorite shops. They carry so many beautiful, handmade things. It’s Monday friends! How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello mug. Which makes me think, hello coffee. Which makes me think, I love coffee.

Hello colorful kitchen stuff. I think I need to brighten up some of our old stand-bys.

Hello December 10th. I can’t comprehend how quickly Christmas is coming.

Hello shopping. I need to do more. Finish up and get stuff wrapped!

Hello chilly nights. I love layering on the blankets–don’t you?

Hello Christmas party! We are celebrating with our LLD team tomorrow night.

Hello play date at the park with scooters and sunshine.

Hello cleaning up our staircase. I throw all our junk on the stairs with the intention of taking it up with me–but right now I’m stepping around the mess and it’s probably a safety hazard!

Hello Morro Bay. I’m gonna try to talk my husband into a dinner out this week. By the sea side.

Hello VW. If I could have any car, I would choose a restored VW bus outfitted for camping. How fun would that be?

Hello to taking time to breathe. I need to catch my breath a little.

Hello smelling good. I love happy smells. On the flip side, I don’t like yucky smells. This is probably not breaking news, but it’s Monday morning and I need more coffee.

Hello picture taking. I want to capture the every day this week.

Hello pretty little things. When I see my jewelry in a different environment it always makes me smile.

Hello Hands Gallery. You are so inspiring!

Hello to a brand new week. It’s gonna be a great one!


  1. I love layering on the blankets! I always sleep better with all those heavy quilts…
    Hello, wrapping and last bits of Christmas shopping! Hello to our very imperfect Christmas tree.Hello, filling baking orders. Hello to a fun weekend ahead with little kids running around, seeing a local play, wrapping gifts to raise money for the less fortunate, and hello my step-mom’s annual gift to me and my daughters: an afternoon at the Nutcracker! It’s my youngest’s first time! Hello to a Sunday dinner with good friends who are moving away after Christmas. (sniff!)

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