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The past few weeks I have seen our pieces popping up here and there around blogland. I love seeing how other people style our pieces so I figured you’d like to see too. Check out some of my favorite bloggers and hop over to their page for some serious inspiration.

Ashley, from Little Miss Momma, is beautiful on the inside and out. In this feature, she writes about being an only child. Such a sweet post. Ashley is wearing the gold basic rectangle necklace and the golden hearts necklace.

This beautifully decorated cake with our celebrate banner cake topper was featured by Rubyellen and her kiddos over at Cakies. Rubyellen blogs about faith, her four kiddos and husband, yummy recipes and more. I love catching up on her blog and getting inspired.

This is JJ from Blah Blah Blahger featuring our leather cuff with “blah blah blah” customized. Love it! JJ writes hilarious stories about funny experiences and amusing observations. I always walk away from reading her posts thoroughly entertained.

This is Heather from Cookie Mondays featuring February’s “love has found me” charm from our build a charm bracelet {no longer available} as a necklace.  Heather sells ADORABLE banners and writes about DIY projects. She definitely stays true to her slogan– “making everyday sweet.”

I love the styling of this photo. It’s inspiring– and taken by the adorable Rachel from Smile and Wave. Rachel writes about life, home décor and vintage inspiration. The necklace shown is one of my all time favorites– the gold chevron necklace.

It’s so fun to see my jewelry and keepsakes as part of your lives. Do you have a photo to share? Email me at Lisa at Lisa leonard online dot com and  let me know! Or share with us in the comments what piece your wearing lately and what it means to you.


  1. I have a few of your pieces. The one I love the most and that I get the most compliments on is the one you created in honor of one of David’s birthdays – “Find Joy in the Unexpected”. My son, too, has CdLS and that phrase says it all!!! When people ask me about the necklace I am also able to spread awareness about the syndrome. I also have the butterfly necklace that you created for last year’s conference. I love all of your stuff and your stories about David!!!

  2. Love your beautiful creations! I found you through little miss momma and ordered my mother’s day gifts through you 🙂 thanks for being so personable and running such a great business!

  3. I have given numerous gifts to family and friends, but I have just one LLD necklace myself that I wear nearly everyday. It is the dewdrops necklace. The front reads “but as for me” and the back reads “wait. trust. sing.” In the midst of difficult personal circumstances, I was struck by the many times in Psalms that David will be pouring out his heart and sufferings to God, but then changes his heart and attitude with the phrase “but as for me…” I dug through the scriptures and chose my favorites–but as for me, I will wait on the Lord; but as for me, I will trust in my God; but as for me, I will sing praise. God crafted these verses into a song which is often on my heart and mind through the day. My necklace is my physical reminder to turn from the ways of my flesh or the ways of the world and instead shine as a light for my Lord. A tangible reminder to continue to sing, even when the days seem dark or overwhelming, and I feel like doing anything but.

    And on a much less personal note, my go-to earrings are your silver leaf earrings. Love! And especially love that they came to me on a free earring Friday! : )

    1. I just love your heart Laura. It’s so sincere. I am so touched that one of my necklaces could serve as such a sweet reminder! xoxo

      1. I love your blog! I am new to blogging and trying to figure out all the ins and outs of all this. I tried to send you an email to see if you had any “tips” or a help section on how you started your blog. I would love to hear any insight you might have!On a side note, I ordered a necklace and am so excited to receive it!

  4. I wear your “beautiful” necklace (and I am glad I got it; I don’t see it on your website anymore!) every single day. It’s a sweet reminder to be beautiful, even when I am up to my knees in muck and mud on a work site!

    1. I love that! I think it’s all the more beautiful that you work with your hands and aren’t afraid to get dirty! Xo

  5. Love! Love your jewlery! I wish I could buy all of it.I just bought two pieces from your hopeful collection.I hoping that I will get a third piece to match the
    two that I already have for mothers day
    I also love your ! Iget inspired each day I look at! Keep up the good work.

  6. I LOVE seeing the way people layer their pieces. Would love to see a guide from you on doing that as well. 🙂

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