hello monday {ruby rose, poland, and other things}

Hey friends!  We’re waking up this morning in Berlin, Germany. How’s that for a Monday morning?!

Last week as I was running around town gathering last minute things for our trip, I popped into Ruby Rose. It’s one of my absolute favorite vintage shops here. They dressed me for the Remnants of the Past show. I can’t wait to show you pictures from the show–we had a blast.

If you want to follow our adventures in Germany and Poland, follow along on instagram. I have no idea what adventures await!

Hello jet lag–you are not kind.

Hello new country. I love seeing new places, how about you?

Hello royal ball. Our friend is a Count and we’ll be attending the ball in Poland. Crazy. More on that soon.

Hello vintage gown that I found at a thrift store. I can’t wait to show you.

Hello adventure–I’m trying to let go of my desire to control everything!

Hello having my sister here to help us with the kiddos. What a blessing.

Hello summer! No more school for us {woohoo!}

Hello brand new, crazy week abroad. We are so excited!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave us some hellos in the comments section!


  1. Yay! I am headed to Berlin in a few weeks – any tips yet?

    Have a blast! I know we all are wondering how you know a Count – can’t wait for the details!

    Hello to the last full week of school. Hello to being caught up on my grading. Hello to my family, who I really missed while I was in Hawaii helping my cousin with her newborn last week. Hello to a Girl Scout camping trip this weekend!

  2. I live in Berlin! What part are you staying and I can make some recommendations. There are so many cool and interesting spots to see and explore.

  3. Hello and welcome to Germany, Lisa! I really hope you enjoy your stay and the german weather is getting better soon (we had a REALLY cold / wet spring this year)
    Greetings from Stuttgart!

  4. I love when you feature this shop, it looks so perfectly vintage.

    I hope you & your handsome prince have a glorious time at the ball! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  5. So happy for you and your sweet, loving family to have such great experiences, Lisa! Can’t wait to see your photos and to read all about the ball. Can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who’s friend is a Count!

    My Mon. is starting by realizing all we want to do to prepare our house for hosting my family in 15 days!!! Can’t wait to share the beautiful Central Coast (CA) with them! It’s all about making family memories, thought, right? Who cares how the house looks. Oh, I do!!!

  6. Sounds like a fairy tale! Can’t wait to see your photos. Thanks for the Ruby Rose introduction I try to stop in every time we are in town, I’ve found wonderful things.

  7. Whaaat…you have a friend who’s a Count???! Now that’s not something you hear every day. When people ask, “How was your trip?” you can answer literally, “We had a ball!” =D

  8. Wow…what a great week ahead for you. Have a wonderful time. How many people get to say they went to a ball?
    (My week is going to be a lot less interesting…haha. )

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