our trip to poland/germany {part five}

We’ve been home for a couple weeks now, and looking at these pics is really making me miss our time in Germany and Poland! If you missed it, you can read parts onetwothree and four.

We had some gorgeous weather during our time in Berlin. Blue skies with big puffy clouds and then rain in the evenings. Magical!

There is beauty to be found!

I loved the reflected building in these windows. Can you see me on the bottom left?

I’m not sure what all these stickers are from–but they made the corner pop with color and texture.

That smile melts me!

Looks like that bike has been there for a while.

We visited the Memorial to Murdered Jews. It was very moving. It’s impossible to image what took place. We talked about it a bit with Matthias. He’s nine years old now and I want him to learn about these things. It was very emotional for me. And I have to tell you the significance of David walking the streets of Berlin, smiling and exploring was not lost on me. It was not long ago that anyone with a disability was considered less than human. David is so precious to us and adds beauty to our lives.

The Brandenburg Gate was beautiful! Definitely one of my favorite parts of our trip.

There was a man creating giant bubbles and I loved the way they look in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Surreal!

These break dancers were so talented!

A professional cycling race took place the weekend we explored Berlin. Steve loves cycling–so the timing was perfect!

Matthias found this artists’ palette and was so excited. That kid loves to create!

We do love Berlin!

I’m already itching for another trip abroad. I’m especially missing our cousins in England and our friends in Scotland!

We have a camping trip planned in a few weeks and then a cabin retreat with my side of the family at the beginning of August. It’s full on summer around here!


  1. Lisa, I loved these pictures and this post–especially the part about the Memorial to the Jews, your sobering thoughts on precious David, and the look you captured on Matthias’s face. Love you Leonards!

  2. I just love seeing these photos from your trip. I’ve not been to Germany, only Italy. But, am dying to go. And, Matthew looks sooo much like Steve in the picture where he’s sitting down. Amazing. There is something so special and awesome about being abroad. I can’t wait to make a trip.

  3. I just got back from my trip to Germany, Lisa! I loved it – it has a little piece of my heart. Thank you for all of your tips on traveling there. xo

  4. Edinburgh is a great city for families – walkable, good buses, good parks, lots of culture…but then I am biased! Enjoying your further photos of Berlin – missing it too – but hoping to make our own trip there later in the year. Loved the bubbles and Brandenburg Gate photos.

  5. Ah come on back to the UK! I love it here, I can think of so many things for you to do here!

    Hope you continue to enjoy your summer, ours is much more low key, chilling in the garden, in the kiddie pool!

    1. Thank you Felicity! I’d love to hear your fun thoughts on England or other parts of the UK. xx

  6. Lisa I just love your blog! I start every work day lunch with yours. Love it when I see pics of your whole family in it too. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jenny! I love keeping with you {at least a little bit} on Facebook. Hugs to you and your sweet family!!

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