hello monday {link-up}

hello editing pics from the weekend

hello fun memories of bookstore browsing and puss in boots

hello finding lots and lots of books we wanted {but didn’t buy}

hello chasing david around and watching him do new things every day

hello climbing stairs, standing on tables, and opening doors

hello adjusting our home to a very active david

hello chilly nights {and warm days}

hello feeling like christmas is right around the corner–and the workshop is busy already!

hello halloween! we’re ready to eat lots of candy!

hello new red hair–this is the first time i’ve colored my hair {besides highlights} and i hardly recognize myself!

hello dentist appointments, family photo shoot and sister time–it’s a full week

hello monday! full speed ahead!

what are you saying hello to at the beginning of this brand new week? leave a comment or better yet, link up your blog in the comments section.


  1. LOVE the hair! perfect for winter:) I love red hair, but it never holds well in my hair (except it pulls red when i want to cover it!) I was told about this product called Kenra that works wonders on hair color! I love it, I highly recommend looking into it. The beauty supply in slo off of Los Osos Valley road carries it… hopefully you can get your hands on it!

  2. Hi! I love that you are a very real person (that happens to take a mean photo). Thanks for sharing sweet, simple joys.
    Happy Monday (or Tuesday night as it happens to be right now…)

  3. I love your red hair!!!
    Hello, Monday.
    Hello to no electricity, no hot water (what I miss the most) no heat and no trick or treaters.
    Surprise snowstorm on Saturday in Massachusetts knocked out power to our whole little town and others too.
    I have a massive pile of tree branches in my yard and don’t know when I’ll have power. But your blog makes me smile whenever I visit.
    Keep up the adorable posts. You have a very cute family.


  4. You look like a natural redhead with that fair skin! Rock it!

    Hello, Monday! Hello payday!! Sheesh! Hello to trick-or-treating with our little jack o’lantern and nurse tonight! Hello to a gorgeous fall day and a low-key week ahead {it’s about time!}.


  6. Hello to Lisa’s new red hair! You look great!

    And hello to a Monday/Halloween home with the kids, due to a teachers’ professional day. Nice way to start the week!

  7. When my oldest daughter was around 3 we took her to a bookstore for the first time. She had been to the library on a regular basis since birth. At the bookstore she “picked out” lots of books to checkout. We had to explain that these had to be bought. She was a little confused!

  8. Lisa, you are a bombshell with that red hair of yours. Congrats for being so brave – the results are amazing!!!!!

    Today is Monday so it’s Gratitude Journal time at my blog. Stop by if you have the time!

    Happy Halloween and I love the “boo”tiful pics!

  9. Lisa you are so adorable. I think you could dye your hair purple and totally pull it off with cool sophistication! Happy Halloween and candy eating to you all! I guess with three kiddos, I might be saying hello to calories!

  10. Hello to You lisa, and dinner with friends 🙂
    Love Love your new look!!! I would love to see how short is your hair cut from the back. 😉

  11. hello lisa! i’m saying hello to your beautiful blog. it’s my first time looking at it today- and i LOVE it!!! thanks for sharing your lovely photos! ps. your hair is gorgeous!

  12. I’m sorry – you do spend Halloween?

    It’s just a cultural thing or is it in contradiction with Christian faith?

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