errands and christmas fun

There’s so much to do this season! There’s the stuff I need to do {decorate with pretty Christmas designs, emails, wrap gifts, prep for Christmas parties, send cards} and the stuff I want to do {grab a cozy blanket and read or nap!!}. So during the crazy, we’re running errands and making time for fun. It’s a stressful time of year. So we’re remembering to breathe and enjoy the small moments. To let things be imperfect. Here are some pics from the last week.

There were some very sweet moments–and I’m so glad I captured them! How do you find calm in the midst of the crazy?


  1. Thanks for posting those pictures–they prompted so many great memories! Miss SLO a ton!

    I find calm in the crazy by sticking to our most important traditions (Advent NativiTree, Christmas Storybooks) and letting go of things that feel like obligations rather than gifts (teacher treats when I’m under a deadline crunch, making our traditional shortbread for more people than I really need to, etc). I try to leave space for spontaneous things with my boys and friends. And a cup of chai and schmaltzy Christmas movie is a great pick-me-up!

    I hope you have a truly blessed Christmas.

  2. I bake! I have a lot of cookies made…so now I have just to figure who I’m giving them once I package them up. In the meantime…the house smells great and I am enjoying it all.

  3. Your pictures let me go on a “mini vacation” to SLO. I graduated from there and the photos brought an unexpected lump to my throat. Thanks for sharing!

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