halloween {2011}

there was much discussion about what matthias was going to be for halloween. first it was humungasaur {a ben 10 alien}, then it was army captain america, and finally he landed on a knight.

we have lots of costumes around because we tend to dress up on a daily basis. so matthias put his own costume together–and he looked great!

david was ben 10 {for those of you who don’t have young boys, he’s a teenage kid who can turn into all kinds of aliens}. yeah, david pretty much rocked the ben 10 costume. that’s a omnitrix on wrist–and if he hits it right he can turn into any kind of alien.

we went door to door around the neighborhood with a bunch of friends and collected all kinds of loot. the kids had a blast.

did you do anything fun for halloween? tell us about it!


  1. Heart he last pix of boys!!

    Fun Halloween!

    Best Halloween for me.. adopted the black cat from my nephew. We traveled 600 miles to pick the black cat!

  2. Lisa the two little angels are so adorable matty and my favorite david, I lost your blog ad, i used to post reply back then, for the past years when my old laptop went kaput and i have replaced it with macbook and i cannot for heavens sake find back your blog, but today when i search a topic i saw a photo of my david and when i clicked it oh theres your blog and the adorable david ..now i feel like a long lost big brother who finally found his lost little brothers…

    I misses david and matty what a lovely photos maam….

    Take care always and kiss those cute little angels for me…

  3. We actually spent the day in Monterey at the Aquarium. Me, my four kids, my mom, and grandma. 🙂 We had a lot of fun. Got home to Paso after dark.

  4. Looks like everyone had a blast!

    My hubby & I had our 3 nieces over for a slumber party, we made caramel apples, carved/painted pumpkins & watched movies. Then had a costume & chili cook off contest at our work (won 1st & 2nd).

    I love it when you post pics of David on the coffee table, he is precious!!

  5. That last picture of Mathias with his arm around David alomst made me cry. So sweet and tender. A brother loving his brother. Love it!

    My 3 year old was a giraffe and my 15 month old was a bumble bee. Our church had a big carnival and we all had a great time!

  6. What great costumes!! I spent the evening with my BFF & her kids. We (adults) wore crazy hats with ears & tails added to them & “snuck” candy out of the kids bags. Had so much fun!!

  7. My son went as a ninja!!!! You know, every time I think about moving away to a little house on 15 acres I get these really cool moments because we do live in a neighborhood like trick-or-treating door to door. It’s what childhood memories are made of so my farming days will have to wait!

  8. My eldest, now 11 went as a big mouth…it is an oversized face with a “big mouth” sewn on to a black turtle neck shirt and the candy goes in the mouth and into a huge pocket. (And just like real life, when there is too much candy inside, it “throws up” to get the candy out. Maybe next year I will sew a zipper across the bottom of the pocket.) My youngest went as a lego minifigure, but he found it difficult to navigate steps while wearing the yellow lego head, so he opted to not wear it for most of the evening. At one house, the woman at the door exclaimed “oh look, you’re a box!” Not quite the hoped for reaction.

    I noticed your pictures were taken in daylight, do you trick or treat at night or only during the day? My kids couldn’t wait until it was dark enough to go out, but in our neck of the woods, it gets dark by 6:30 now. It won’t be long before it is dark by 4:30.

  9. That last picture should get framed! I don’t have kids of my own, but work as a nanny, so I got to take the little ones to Halloween party at their play group. We don’t get trick or treaters in my building, so I just spent the night in with my guy watching our favorite shows…might pick up some candy later today though 🙂

  10. We did! We had a pizza party and handed out candy and went trick or treating. This was the first year our 2 year old went out trick or treating and at the first few houses we went to he said “Happy Birthday” instead of trick or treat! It was sooo funny!!

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