trip to monterey, part one {whale watching}

We went whale watching on Saturday and it was insane. This is my fourth time whale watching, and other than a distant spray from a whale’s blowhole we haven’t seen much at all. Well this trip made all the other ones worthwhile. It was so fun!

My sister and brother-in-law are visiting from Omaha with my niece and nephew–so we all bundled up and boarded the boat. Cousin time, yay!

This pelican flew right next to the boat–i think he was just showing off.

I love that kiddo.

Then things started to get really good. Whales close by, showing us their flukes and their backs. It was amazing!

Then the whales came Matthias was freaking out. He was terrified they were going to tip the boat. Actually, I was kind of terrified too. But it also felt like a once in a lifetime moment. So incredible to see these huge mammals up close–check out the barnacles on the tail!

They popped their heads out of the water–how cool is that?!

Matthias got some good daddy snuggles to help calm him down.

When it was all over, Matthias said he was so glad he’d done it even though it was scary. David loved every single minute of it–and he was fearless of course. What incredible memories we made! I loved it!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Monterey to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Makes me homesick. I was born and raised there. Heading back after many years in September for a High School Reunion. I’m sure many things have changed, but the beauty of the ocean never does 🙂 Beautiful photos!

  3. i love whale watching! i posted a blog post last year about the most recent trip i went on with work. we saw some super close up too. it’s sooooo coool! glad you all had a great time! 🙂

  4. My nine year old daughter would be so jealous of this! She is a Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day fanatic! We live in KS and only get to the ocean every other year on vacation. This year we were thrilled to see dozens of dolphins in the Gulf, but whales – WOW – that would be something! Looks like a very special day – and how awesome that your family from Omaha saw it! My sister lives in Omaha… 🙂 Small world!

  5. What a fabulous day! Beautiful pictures of God’s creatures. The boys look excited. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow, I’m headed up that way this weekend! Seeing a whale up close is on my bucket list… where did you guys go exactly, if you don’t mind sharing? Those photos are amazing! I love your blog.

    1. We were in Monterey–and we went on Princess whale watching tours off fisherman’s wharf.

  7. What a neat adventure!

    I keep meaning to mention how much I love your son’s glasses!!! He looks so handsome.

  8. We did his in Hawaii and one jumped out of the water. It was incredible. I had tears in my eyes. I told my kids that seeing that was a once in a lifetime thing.
    Will never forget it.

  9. I would have been nervous too! I’ve seen small whales swimming offshore from our beach…but nothing like that! I love the picture of the tails…never thought about them being kind of beat up and having barnacles on them…that was interesting. What a great day!

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