friday love {instagram}

it’s friday and i’m linking up with life rearranged to share phone pics from the week! join us!

1 she’s not real, but isn’t this little butterfly sweet?

2 taken during our big photo shoot this week, our lovebird wall hanging–so fun

3 matthias dressed up as army-war-hero-captain-america for character day at school

4 so cute {and so yummy!} our friend mary brought this cake over on wednesday evening for bible study

5 i seriously love this vintage chair from ruby rose

6 pink lipstick and polka dots

7 someone brought donuts to the office. yikes.

8 big big news! david climbed the stairs all by himself. we are thrilled–and maybe a little tired. because now he has access to the entire downstairs AND the entire upstairs. crazy!!

this weekend is super duper mellow–which sounds perfect. what are your weekend plans?


  1. oh! what an achievement for david maam, please look at him all the time he might fell and no ones there to catch him…

  2. I am Canadian. My husband and I are wanting to go on a quaint holiday; filled with ocean beaches,vintage shopping, cafes, strolls and a wonderful b+b… where could this place be? where would a non-touristy visit to California begin? This may seem like a strange ?, but I need to start my dreamings somewhere… bless u

  3. Our plans were big!!! Our plans were exciting!!! Our plans were busy!!! Then, our plans were STOPPED. My little one (he’s 9) woke up with a fever of 102.4 degrees. Now, our weekend is chicken soup, movies, medicine, and cuddles!

    P.S. Thumbs up on the new home page design of the website!

  4. I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE the new look of your website, it’s just beautiful. Great pics, like always.

    My weekend is gonna be full of major studying. I have a huge certification test on Monday that I’ve been procrastanating about for months. I will however be so very happy to get it over with. Our little family of three has got some fun and relaxing to get to after all….we’re heading to FL for some much needed beach time then a quick trip over to Disney World for a few days! YAHOOOOOOO!

  5. Great photos! I like your pink lipstick polka dot combo.

    Btw, I just checked out your website this morning, and I love the new design! So streamlined and simple. I noticed the change right away because I was just on a couple days ago ordering a necklace I won through a giveaway! I’m so excited to get it! Thank you! (I order the umbrella/sunshine one)

  6. That picture of you is so beautiful! We’re headed to a birthday party today and awaiting a possible 4-6 inches of snow! Can you believe that?! Its crazy early, even for us here in New York!
    I scored a fabulous vintage frame the other day at the thrift store that has domed glass and everything. Im lovin it! Old finds are the best!(And I just realized how craxy I went with my punctuation in this comment…Im an awful example of a 3rd grade teacher. Oh well, its the weekend:))

  7. Yay for David!
    Tonight we are eating pizza and watching game 7 of the World Series. We are a baseball lovin’ family. : ) Tomorrow will probably chore day around the farm and Sunday, after church, we are going to a Halloween/birthday party. Have a great weekend.

  8. So glad those donuts are not at my house right now!!

    Tonight we are finally carving our pumpkins! Tomorrow night we’re having our favorite family over for dinner and caramel apple making/eating, and Sunday my husband and I are going on a date. <3 Happy weekend!

  9. I just received the two keepsake bowls I ordered (one for myself and one for a gift). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Oh my goodness. So beautiful. I can’t wait to give the one as a gift! Don’t know if I can wait until Christmas! Thank you!

  10. Love this post, really look forward to Fridays for many reasons and this is one of them.

    It’s hard with the kiddos, you want them to stretch and grow BUT man! that also means you have to have eyes like a hawk.

  11. First, love the new home page of Lisa Leonard Designs!! Seriously..
    Second love all the pics! The chair, doughnuts, and yippee for David(sorry tired mommy & daddy)!!
    Have a good wknd.

  12. that butterfly is so pretty. i thought it was real.
    love the polka dots.
    cute cake!
    i’d have no donut self control- none!
    yeah for david climbing stairs.

    enjoy your relaxed weekend.

    we will be ripping out carpet and tile in our new house. fun.

    did i see your leaf earrings on private practice last night??

  13. I can’t wait to see Captain America! I love comics turned movies… 🙂

    You’re little boy is adorable!

    I’m digging that vintage chair too!

    Anytime your little one is more mobile, just remember, more exercise for you! 🙂

    Great post!

  14. We are headed to New Orleans tomorrow for a little sight-seeing {I’ve never been.} Hoping to take my kids to the big carousel and the French Quarter! Beautiful photos!

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