hello monday {from the garden}

Hello friends! After David’s visit at Children’s hospital Los Angeles, we stayed with my sisters. I took some pics of my sisters’ garden. They have gorgeous succulents blooming. I love texture and light. It’s a brand new week–a fresh start! How about some hellos?

Hello to taking a deep breath. We had a fabulous and encouraging visit with David’s ENT. Everything is looking great and surgery is not being considered at this time. Exhale.

Hello grateful. My heart is so relieved.

Hello trip to England. We can’t wait to see family! We leave in a week and a half!

Hello shopping for boys shoes. We need some good leather boots for rainy, cold English weather.

Hello nana. She’s here for a visit and we love it!

Hello pups. She brings her doggies and we love them too!

Hello sugar. Why do I love you so much. I need to cut back but it’s so hard!

Hello veggies. I’m going to be eating more of you this week.

Hello texture.

Hello layers and layers. So pretty.

Hello iphone update. Ugh.

Hello losing all my music, contacts, apps. Everything.

Hello trying to cook and eat at home this week. Hello trying to get more sleep. I need at least 8 hours!

Hello brand new week. It’s going to be beautiful–I just know it!


  1. Hi Lisa I’m so happy David doesn’t need surgery it must be such a relief, it has been quite drizzly here in England but not very cold so trainers will do, cannot wait to see you, steve and the boys next week, we are all so excited and cannot wait to have hugs, lots of love Sara xxxxxx

    1. We can’t wait!!!! I got Davis some boots too. I need to see Phoebe!! Love you all–not long now! xx

  2. AAck! So sorry about your phone. I am about ready to run that update myself. I’m scared!

    Hello, sunny Monday. Hello, 3-year-old daughter Clementine who makes me feel like I am in a love-hate relationship — ever hear the quote about how living with a 3-year-old is like breaking up and getting back together constantly? True story. Hello, Halloween decorations!! Hello to having the girls all to myself while my husband goes on an extended field trip. Hello to my niece’s volleyball game, and hello to brunch with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a while. Hello to the birthday party of the boy my 2nd grader has a little crush on…and hello rain in the forecast after over two months without any.

  3. Ooooh a trip to England. Where will you be visiting? It’s really rainy here today but I’ll say a few prayers and see if it can cheer up into beautiful Autumn glowing weather for you!!

  4. So glad you received good news at David’s Dr. visit! PTL.

    I agree with you very much on the sugar thing! 🙂

    So sorry about you losing all your “phone stuff”. Ugghh.

  5. Hello day off and time to spend with my little family at The Big Fresno Fair!. Glad to hear about David have a blessed week.

  6. So pleased David’s ENT trip went well. Your photos are gorgeous. And I can confirm that it is indeed cold and wet over here in the UK! Have a good week.

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