hello los angeles

Oh friends! We had a whirlwind couple of days in Los Angeles last week. We had an appointment, so we decided to see the Space Shuttle, Endeavor at the California Science Center. There was also an exhibit from Pompeii and I wanted to see it so bad! Later that night, the Steve and Matthias met up with grandpa and got to see Mythbusters live show at the Nokia Theater. It was a full, very fun day!

How about some hellos for a new week?

***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

Hello adventure! We love seeing and doing new things.

Hello massive! The Space Shuttle, Endeavor did 21 trips to space.

Hello ham! Matthias pretends to hold up the shuttle. Awesome.

Hello stuffed toys and souvenirs. We didn’t leave with any. Hooray!

Hello learning. Did you know a space shuttle approaches landing 50x faster than a commercial airplane. I don’t think I’m cut out to be an astronaut. I’d be screaming and completely freaking out!

Hello sweet daddy.

Hello capturing the moment.

Hello Pompeii. We saw artifacts from 79 AD. Crazy.

Hello exploring, seeing, taking it all in.

Hello imagining an entire town being devastated in a matter of minutes. Completely gone. It was intense for Matthias. He felt sad and anxious for the people of Pompeii. I think it’s incredibly sad, as well. But also amazing that we can understand so much about their lives because of how things were preserved.

Hello profiles.

Hello being moved by a the casts of people trapped by the ash. Although it was long ago, they weren’t so different from us, were they?

Hello souvenir shop silliness. Again, we didn’t leave with anything. Yay!

Hello getting ready for Mythbusters! We are big fans.

Hello starstruck. Matthias couldn’t believe he got to see Jamie and Adam in real life.

Hello Christmas tree and ice skating. {we didn’t skate}.

Hello yummy pizza and soda.

Hello time with grandpa. Love

Hello December 22. What? Three days until Christmas. I’ve got wrapping to do!

Hello welcoming family. So fun.

Hello lazy mornings. My most favorite thing.

Hello cleaning the house only to have it messy again. This is my life.

Hello no school. Awesome.

Hello brand new, beautiful week just waiting to be LIVED.

Hello to YOU! What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments section or link your own hello monday post there.



  1. How come I’m just now seeing this great feature? I love the concept of “Hello Mondays!” 🙂
    Your trip to L.A. looked like fun (my OLD hometown) and I’m glad you had a great time! LOVED the pics (that’s my thing)!!
    I’m looking forward to *attempting* to join you here in the coming year…
    New Year’s blessings!

  2. Hi Lisa! I am commenting on my couch, by the tree, with a hot-buttered rum. Hello, lazy afternoons! I am putting off the chores for just a few more minutes. I hope you will get to take your family to Pompeii one day – we went with Annabelle when she was 3 and it was amazing. We came back with a baby on board, but somehow I think that had zero to do with Pompeii and more to do with all that wine. But now for my real hello: hello to being present with my family this holiday season. These years are going so fast. And they are so messy (the years and the kids!), but they are mine. xo

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