learning about cleopatra {la science center}

After David’s pulmonology appointment on Monday, we headed over to the LA Science Center to take in the Cleopatra exhibit.  It was fascinating. It was more geared towards adults, but the boys were troopers. When we are in LA we try to have little adventures–it makes the travel and doctor visits more fun!

Huge statues, jewelry, coins, kitchen utensils and gold–it was incredible to see actual items from Cleopatra’s palace and learn more about her life. Many of the items were over 2,000 years old. I think exposing the boys to these things will help them learn and grow. Heck, it helps me learn and grow! Now I want to find out more about Cleopatra.

Have you had family adventures lately?



  1. We have beem studying Cleopatra and ancient history (we homeschool) and I had picked up The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George on a recommendation. It is a huge book, but very interesting and well written. i keep pausing to look up what is true and made up. Oddly, the more outrageous things seem to be based in truth! Thanks for posting pictures because we wished we could go to the exhibit. You are a long way from NE! :o)

  2. I bet that jewelry could be inspiration brewing for your future collections too. I took my kids (11, 16) to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on their day off . There was an amazing exhibit (Ori Gersht) where pictures that looked like classic still lives were actually videos and all of a sudden very surprising things happened. Check it out.

  3. We were there Sunday! My kids loved it (2nd & 4th) and both took the Cleopatra book we bought in the gift shop to school to share. I think they will remember it forever. And by the way, your pics ar WAY better than mine. Great job!

  4. Love it!

    I used to teach middle school, and we read one of those Royal Diaries: Cleopatra books. It’s about the young Cleopatra – I learned a ton!

    We are hoping to have two family adventures this fall: One to Seattle to see the King Tut exhibit, and one to Portland for the Winslow Homer exhibit (they’ve recreated his studio).

    Happy Thursday! I am rockin’ my “love is my anchor” necklace and a nautical striped tee for my parent night tonight at work! 🙂

  5. What a great idea! I love taking a pretty mundane event (going to the Doctor’s office) and combining it with something new and different (a new exhibit at a museum). That reminds me that we should all try and do something new everyday to keep all of our minds fresh! As far as any family adventures – none lately (although you might be able to count a trip to the mall to buy clothes for the 14-year old)! 🙂

  6. Neat, I bet!!

    That’s super idea with make plans while in town for Dr appts and go for some fun!

    Thank for sharing!!

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