Halloween morning in California {hiking hellman trail}

Last weekend, on Halloween morning, we hiked Hellman Trail in Whitter, CA. It was–about 85*, but we did it! The sun and landscape were so beautiful. And we had our nieces, Torie and Lexie with us–which made it even better!

It’s a brand new week, how about some hellos?

hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-01

Hello filtered sunlight through the leaves.

hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-02

Hello walking to the trailhead from my sister’s home. Just around the corner!hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-03 Hello blue skies and dry landscape. California needs rain. hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-04 Hello to some people hiking and working hard, and some people relaxing and resting. hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-05 Hello Southern Californa palm trees.hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-06 Hello uphill. It was a good workout.
hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-09 Hello winding road to get to the top.hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-10 Hello cousins. Nothing better!hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-11 Hello Matthias snapping some pics. Sometimes once he gets the camera, he won’t give it back.hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-12 Hello happy shadows. hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-13 Hello Los Angeles in the distance–can you see it way back there?hello hiking hellman trail, los angeles-14Hello victory! We were tired but we did it!

Hello meetings and phone calls and emails.

Hello new bedding that supposed to arrive this week. Yay!

Hello leftovers for dinner and going to be early. It gets dark so early, I’m ready for bed by 8pm!

Hello watching old episodes of Scrubs. I love that show.

Hello planning our Thanksgiving menu.

Hello Christmas shopping. Have you started yet?

Hello brand new, beautiful week. What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments!

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  1. I’m just perusing through your blog and thought I’d comment on this since I’ve hiked this trail before. Beautiful spot-and the old homes around it are neat also!

    Love your jewelry!

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