What’s your favorite new thing to eat? {family playing on 2nd street}

After our appointment with David’s doctor in LA, we headed to Long Beach and enjoyed dinner with my sister’s on 2nd street. It’s right near the water, with tons of fun shops and restaurants. We had a great time! Wanna see some pics from our evening?

David’s tummy has been upset from being on antibotics for a few weeks. He hasn’t wanted to eat much, poor guy. But when Auntie Ellen tried feeding him, well he just couldn’t get enough. I guess she has the magic touch!

We ate dinner at Simmzy’s and I had a fig and goat cheese pizza that rocked my world! Lately I’m all about figs. So delicious! What’s your favorite new thing to eat?


  1. You’re in my neck of the woods!
    We just ate at Simmzys last week and LOVE it there!

    Isn’t the LBC, grand?

    And congratulations on the show about your family-what a blessing you and your story will be, to so many!

    My love,

  2. Loved looking at your photos! I went to Cal State Long Beach so your pics made me feel all nostalgic for those easy college days of hanging out on 2nd Street.

    Have you ever tried Le Creperie down there? That was my favorite place back in the day! Amazing dessert crepes with chocolate, strawberries and bananas…or super savory ones with chicken, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers. My mouth is watering…

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love the trailer and am praying for the show. Hope David is having a great day today! Blessings!

  4. Fig jam is my new fave thing…with brie and bread. Oh, dear. My friend and I went to an outdoor concert this summer to see Pink Martini in Seattle, and we picked up fixin’s for a fancy picnic on the way. She grabbed the jam. I thought I hated figs…but, no.

    Love how your pics go from afternoon to after dark. Very visually pleasing :).

  5. I’ve spent much of the summer eating avocado & tomato…one of each, diced, with a bit of lime and salt and pepper. Of course, I’m negating the health factor by eating it with tortilla chips! But it’s so good and so easy and the perfect amount for one!

    btw…it was fun to run into you yesterday at the pumpkin patch! I was torn between wanting to say hello and let you know how very much I enjoy your blog and also wanting to leave you be to enjoy your day with your boys. I’m glad I did say hello, but also wanted to tell you how I’ve appreciated your blog…your story, your photographs, your jewelry and your creative eye and heart. I discovered your blog shortly after moving to the Central Coast, and you have been such a great resource for places to go and things to do in our time here! Thank you for sharing your day-to-day life with all of us…struggles and joy and all.

  6. Thanks for this flash from my past. I was born in Long Beach and now live in Canada. Still miss those beautiful palm trees *sigh*. Loving Pad Thai at the moment!

  7. next time you are down there, you have to go to FROSTED- best cupcakes ever! And we try cupcakes everywhere we go. You will not be disappointed!!

  8. favorite new old thing to eat: dutch babies! mmm.

    you can buy powdered probiotics for kids at the health food store – in the refrigerated section of the vitamin area – to mix into David’s food. and a good plain yogurt (mix in your own puree for flavor) every day will help. try to find a yogurt that has the most different strains of culture – you should be able to find one with at least 5 easily.

    glad things are looking up!

  9. I LOVE the Belmont Shore area, and spent a lot of time there growing up, then later as a grad student in Long Beach. Did you get to take a look at some of the homes on the side streets near the water? TO DIE! 🙂

  10. Loved your video that you and your family did. Seeing what an amazing family you have made me love your jewelry even more. I hope David is feeling better…what a sweetie.

  11. just watched your video about ‘designing a life of joy and embracing the unexpected’ and i am in tears! I too have known that brokenness! My first born was born with smith magenis syndrome! her diagnosis shattered me! i equate it to a bomb going off in the middle of our home! Tilly is now 6 and her sister and brother are 5 and 2 and only now am i truly embracing and beginning to deign a new life. as a professional artist i was so inspired by you. thank you xxxxx

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