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hello monday {breakfast in bed}

August 6th | hello monday

I’m sharing pics from my weekend in San Francisco with my girl friends. Each morning we’d sleep in, then walk over to the continental breakfast, load up our plates with fresh fruit and bagels and yogurt and come back to the room to eat. We set the food on the window sill overlooking the city. It was so simple but one of my favorite parts of our time away. Technically I guess it wasn’t breakfast in bed, more like breakfast on the bed. Either way it was so relaxing.

It’s a brand new week, how about some hellos?

Hello scrambled eggs with cheese–one of our favorite breakfasts. I make them almost every day.

Hello half apple juice, half water. That’s what the kids drink at breakfast.

Hello fresh strawberries. I think I better make jam before strawberry season is over!

Hello casserole with chicken, broccoli, quinoa and cream of mushroom soup. I made it last week and it was a hit!

Hello to a couple fun projects I’m working on this week. I’ll be sharing more in the next week or so. Yay!

Hello counting down the last days of summer. I’m not sure if I feel sad or happy. Both, I guess.

Hello flying home from Kansas today after an amazing craft weekend with Meg.

Hello to soaking up some good time with my sister. Love.

Hello sweet boys, oh how I missed you!
Hello catching up on email, laundry and dishes–this is my life!
Hello brand new week. It’s going to be a good one, I just know it!

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  1. LOVD says:

    Hello, Lisa!!! Sounds like an awesome weekend (or should I say “epic” as my child has told me “awesome” is so old-folk). I’m giving thanks today on feel LOVD everyday. LOVD tidings, Lilly

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  3. deborah says:

    Lovely pictures. And now I’m hungry for a yummy breakfast, including, but not limited to, scrambled eggs with cheese.

    I live in southwest Kansas. I hope you had a great time in Kansas.

    Happy week!

  4. I tried to link but don’t think I did. I don’t do tweets and prefer not to do FB if possible. My week: new front porch in progress, new concrete steps from driveway to front porch, new metal roof. No, our house is not falling apart, just some needed repairs. Hope to get some pics of some quilts I am making.

  5. Amanda says:

    These breakfast photos look crazy relaxing!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous photos! I would love to know which hotel you stayed at in the city. My husband and I would love to plan a weekend away and your hotel looks perfect! Thanks so much, Lisa. :)

  7. Jen O'Connor says:

    hello to your world…love that you escaped with some great friends for the weekend…well deserved!

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  9. so pretty! how on earth is summer almost over, right? i can’t believe it!

  10. Kelli says:

    Yes, time to make jam! Thanks for the reminder!

    Hello to a week riding horses at day camp for my older daughter! Hello to catching up after a weekend away. Hello, Olympics keeping me up late at night! Hello to my mind starting to wander back to my classroom. Ugh. And hello to a trip to a cabin on an island in Puget Sound with my little family starting this weekend. Can’t wait!

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