We are home from camping and I’ve done two loads of laundry–only 16 more to go! We had a great time with our friends. Our camping group is made up of six families–and the husbands have all been friends since high school or college. I lucked out, because their wives are awesome ladies. And the kiddos got along great. 

We borrowed a tent trailer from some friends and it was perfect for us! We were cozy and had plenty of space.

David loved playing in the trailer and sticking his head out the door. He cracks me up!

There was a lot of tree climbing. Lily is up there with a book–love it!

We brought a couple small keyboards for David. Music must be made!

Matthias didn’t want to go to the beach–but of course he ended up having a blast.

The kids got a little sandy. {understatement}

Aren’t sunsets magical?

Eva found a moonstone–look how it glows in the sunlight.

We plan to go camping again next summer–and hopefully I’ll have all the laundry done by then 😉

Does your family camp? What do you love/hate about camping?