camping in san simeon {part one}

We are home from camping and I’ve done two loads of laundry–only 16 more to go! We had a great time with our friends. Our camping group is made up of six families–and the husbands have all been friends since high school or college. I lucked out, because their wives are awesome ladies. And the kiddos got along great. 

We borrowed a tent trailer from some friends and it was perfect for us! We were cozy and had plenty of space.

David loved playing in the trailer and sticking his head out the door. He cracks me up!

There was a lot of tree climbing. Lily is up there with a book–love it!

We brought a couple small keyboards for David. Music must be made!

Matthias didn’t want to go to the beach–but of course he ended up having a blast.

The kids got a little sandy. {understatement}

Aren’t sunsets magical?

Eva found a moonstone–look how it glows in the sunlight.

We plan to go camping again next summer–and hopefully I’ll have all the laundry done by then 😉

Does your family camp? What do you love/hate about camping?


  1. We do camp, for the last 2 yrs we have an annual camping trip with my siblings and their families. The cousins love having that time together for a few days. it also helps us to stay connected as a family even though we all have our own families now.

  2. Oops! I meant to say, “The trick is timing the dryers so that everything ISN’T done at once.”

  3. I love camping. I actually prefer tent to camper camping, only because it feels more like camping. My trick with laundry is the laundromat. I take everything from camping and get two lovely hours to myself (which I usually don’t mind one bit after camping in a tent for a week). Laundry done in a couple hours is always better than mountains for a week. The trick is timing the dryers so that everything is done at once. Ten minute intervals lets you get one load folded just as another is finishing drying. Thanks for posting lovely pictures of your family’s latest adventure.

  4. I like fake camping…hahah…Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World. Lighted pathways to the bathrooms, electrical hookups, playgrounds, you get the picture. We’ve gone in tents and also in RV’s….it’s fun…you just have to keep all your stuff organized…that’s the hard part. We also used to take the kids down to Sebastian Inlet State Park…only tents there….but next to the water and boats and jet skis handy for water fun. If I had a choice…I’d prefer the comfort…so I don’t think I qualify as a “real” camper..hahahaha But your group of tents reminded me of some times with a group of friends…the kids all had a blast.

  5. What wonderful family memories! I’m not a camper but our family did camp when I was growing up. It was the primitive type, so, not a lot of fond memories. :o)

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. We love camping and have done it all our lives. As a child we went away camping every school holidays as both my parents were teachers. Now we have a caravan and go away regularly touring around Australia. Our kids grew up camping and loved it. Enjoy your times away. Unpacking is always the worst.

  7. We love camping! We’ve camped in San Simeon before and loved it. I love spending time with my family without the distractions of home like, TV, computer, home shores, etc. I love taking hikes to discover new places with my boys and enjoy nature. Yes packing and unpacking are a shore and mosquitoes and surprise weather changes can be a hassle, but we just go with the flow (literally, small creek flowing under our tent last year after heavy rainfall :)) On the other hand, waking up to a tent covered with snow in Yosemite in May and stepping out to watch the snowfall is one of the favorite moments in my life. We are packing for our 6th camping trip of the year, glad you had a good one!

  8. When my husband decided to purchase a pop-up camper, I thought he was crazy, since he had never camped a day in his life. I went often as a child and had no desire to do it again. But I have to say that now it is what the kids look forward to most each summer and fall. It really provides us with quality family time and gets us away from reality for a little while! Love waking up to cold mornings and not so fond of the laundry upon our return. Thanks for letting us peek into your world.

  9. We just returned from your neck of the woods but have not camped there before. We usually camp in the mountains…looking forward to it soon.

  10. I think I have camped at that campground years ago! I miss it. We love camping. My 4 year old daughter loves it and she always asks to go again. I like camping with more than just the 3 of us. I like having at least 8 people there so we can share food and cleaning.

  11. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE Camping! We just got back from a 5day trip. Bit hot(110 two days), but fun was had and the kiddos enjoyed every moment. Part I dislike is the packing up to go home, then unpack when getting home. Still working on my laundry too! 😉

  12. Beautiful!!!

    Enjoy camping…. other than bugs.. need real shower.. ha ha

    KOA camping would do w the cabin…

  13. Lisa, Wow where did you get your denim quilt in the first picture…..I have been making these for years for gifts, mostly because they are cheap to make and because they are wonderful! We would all like to think the things we do are so original……but there is not to much new under the sun. I was just wondering if we knew someone in common, or if you know someone who is a kindred spirit to me:)

  14. I’m not a camper. I like to stay in a condo. All the amenities of home, but none of the hassle. Camping always seems like a romantic idea to me, but the few times I’ve tried it it just doesn’t seem to fit the ideal. Oh well! Glad you had a good weekend!

  15. Before my hubs and I had a little man we went camping A LOT! We have yet to take him (he’s almost 3) but we are hoping to this summer 🙂 We don’t want to go too far though in case things don’t go as planned! Camping is amazing!

  16. We also love camping and just back ourselves. I love being outside all the time. I love how the fresh air makes everyone sleep so well. I love the simple meals, and how cooking over the fire makes everything taste just a littler better. I DO NOT like the bugs, not showering or all.the.laundry.

  17. Looks like an amazing time. I love camping, jut not necessarily all the work involved. I think I wouldn’t mind a trailer….

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