fruits obsession + pretty necklace which is totally reflects my love !

Our family can’t get enough fruits and veggies. Well, we eat waaay more fruits than veggies–but we love both. And the fresher, the better. My sister and I spotted this farm stand alongside a small road near Santa Barbara and we figured it was a good opportunity to stock up on some yummy fruit. I brought home some sunflowers, too!

{That’s my niece holding a box of our yummy fresh fruit!}

Hello smoothies! Do you have a blender you love? I’m in the market for a new blender.

Hello strawberry jam. Homemade is BEST.

Hello to this pretty necklace–which totally reflects my love of fruit!

Hello corn on the BBQ. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Hello sunflowers. Perfect for fall.

Hello getting in the rhythm of being back in school. We’re so thankful for sleeping in on Saturdays!

Hello cooler mornings. Fall is making it’s way.

Hello sunny afternoons. Summer isn’t quite gone yet.

Hello Steve! He’s home from Scotland. We missed him so!

Hello brand new week–I wonder what you hold for us?

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave us some hellos in the comments or leave a link to your own hello monday post there!


  1. This is one of the best way to find delicious fruits and veggies! I don’t do smoothies, but we do juices… As I also have read that you are focusing on your family diet I could recommend you some nice references for kids clean eating…

  2. Ooh, corn on the bbq is the best, and I think sunflowers are an extra special gift from God.

    As for Blenders, we LOVE our Blendtec Total Blender. Costco has the best price for sure. It’s pricey but a great investment! Makes the best smoothies, whole juices, and pina coladas. It is also FANTASTIC for purees! I made all my boys’ baby food in it, so that would be a great feature for you, too, with David. Ok, infomercial over. 🙂

    Here’s my Monday post…not exactly hellos this week but full of unexpected blessings on a day I needed it.

  3. Hello Monday! Thankful for first day of work after being off 11 weeks from illness leading to surgery. Feeling blessed. Showered with many prayers and texts for a good day. God is good!!!

  4. I have a Vitamix with the timer settings. So easy to put all the ingredients in it on the “smoothie” setting, press start & then it blends until it’s done…I have a special needs son & sometimes he needs help while I’m preparing food in the kitchen. The blender can keep mixing while I’m helping him and automatically turns off when it’s done! You can also make soup in it…heats it up right in the blender. I bought mine at Costco.

  5. awesome pics! we LOVE fruit and veggies too!!
    it seems like i’m needing to pick more up every couple of days!
    We have a Blendtec and LOVE it! about the cost of Vitamix but the warranty (at least it was when I got mine)is better, stronger motor, no extra parts to mess with…
    I did quite a bit of research on the 2 brands a few years ago, and there was someone in our Sam’s selling them, so I didn’t have to pay shipping on it.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Oh gosh – vitamix for sure! It’s amazing. Little expensive – but worth every penny. You will use it all the time. 🙂

  7. Vitamix is awesome especially for bigger quantities but don’t judge me to harshly if I say magic bullet. Honestly for smoothies which we use it for 90% of the time the individual containers are so easy for doing what each person likes. The motors are strong, we are on year 5 with ours it’s been infomercially awesome 🙂

    1. Wow that’s great input–and I’m not judging at all. I saw one at Target and I seriously considered it. It’s a great size for David’s food! xx

  8. i agree with everyone who has shared that you should invest in a Vitamix. with the food prep you do for David, this machine is one you should know about!

    it’s capable of grinding nuts into butter, seeds into flour, making the smoothest cream soups you’ll ever savor, and it is fantastic for smoothies–frozen fruit is NO match! it obliterates ice cubes too.

    you might be able to find one on ebay used, but they’re really worth the money, i promise. save your pennies or just take the plunge. you’ll be so glad you did.

  9. Vitamix, for sure! And, there even is a model that fits on the kitchen counter under the cabinets! Leave it out and, you will use it all the time. Hummus, smoothies, sauces, hot soup, etc!

  10. yay to a new week!
    we love our vitamix. we had a kitchen aid blender before, but it just didn’t take care of the frozen fruit! (though, neither will the vitamix if you put in nothing but frozen fruit, haha – oops!)

    1. So the vitamix can’t handle frozen fruit? Do you thaw it out before you add it to the blender? Or do you just add other ingredients to help it blend the frozen fruit? xo

      1. You’re supposed to put in liquid with it…I was putting in frozen fruit from a costco mix, with nothing else and it was locking up on me. It took a few times and a few conversations with the vitamix man at costco to figure it out. i’m slow,lol! so, now I try to make sure not everything is frozen.

  11. Hello God – thank you for another day!
    Hello to my 35 first grade students who come to school happy;
    Hello to my Bestie, Karen & her hubby, Pastor Steve, who celebrate 24 years of wedded bliss today!

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