thyme and chance, los osos, CA

Our wholesale line, heartfelt by Lisa Leonard Designs is being carried in some seriously amazing shops. One of them is Thyme and Chance–an absolutely darling boutique in Los Osos, just about 15 minutes from San Luis Obispo. Here are some pics I snapped in their shop a couple days ago.

If you live in San Luis Obispo or you’re vacationing here–you must check it out! Have lunch next door at La Casita Mexican Restaurant {yum!!} and then shop around Thyme and Chance. Oh, and then you can pop over to Montana de Oro to put your toes in the sand and collect some driftwood. Pretty much a perfect day, right?

Click here for more info about heartfelt, our exclusive line just for boutiques.

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  1. I was startled when I saw the first picture in your post. It looks like a chocolate Ron and Nancy 😉

  2. OH how I wish this shop was in my town! I live in the south and this kind of stuff would fit right in! Perfect! I want one of each! Wish I could find them in my neck of the woods 😉

  3. Is there any way to purchase items from the Heartfelt collection??? I live in Nebraska and love, love, love a few of the pieces highlighted at this boutique but I don’t think there is anyone close selling your collection. Please help…I need a tic-tac-toe necklace!..and a flowery bracelet!…and a… 🙂

  4. Lisa,
    I love your designs. I have a necklace and currently obsessing over the “love is my anchor” bracelet.
    Question: I read where you jumped in to your jewelry business. Did you have anyone help you learn how to get started? Did you ask anyone or did you set out on your own? I have been pondering the possibility. I’m going to give it some time so that my brain can catch up with my imagination. But, I too have a child with special needs(and two others) that could use my time at home. As you know, doctors visits can be time consuming! I have a full career going on and it is Crrraaazzzy! I have thought about an at-home thing I could do and this has been on my mind for the last year. Do you still love what you do? Do you have any go-to advice? A book? A mentor? Thanks so much and by the way…your 10 things post was awesome for me even though I’m not quite there, yet! [email protected]

  5. I’m headed up to Paso this weekend!!! Maybe we’ll just have to make a stop. I can’t help but think of you because we’re going to Avila on Saturday and I know that’s one of your fav places.

  6. I love your Heartfelt jewelry pieces and will try to plan a trip up to Los Osos to see this lovely shop. I live in Carpinteria – are there any shops here or in SB that carry Heartfelt?

  7. I too have cute shop envy! Lisa, any chance you could let us know where your heartfelt line is being carried? I have a sinking feeling I may be out of luck in the Midwest.

  8. I Did eat at La Casita last week and popped into Thyme and Chance and bought some lovely things (getting a head start on Christmas shopping!). Yay Los Osos!

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