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chrissie and i spent some serious time pouring over used books in carpinteria last week. they have some beautiful old books, art books, cook books, novels, classics–so fun! sometimes i pick up a book at target or borrow from my friends or sisters.

where do you get your books?


  1. Since I work in a library…I get most of my books there…but if I buy a book I really like or want to have on hand for Story time, I usually order from Amazon (it’s easy) or Chinaberry Books catalog or online. They have a great selection of nice children’s books (and some gifts) and reviews that really help you decide whether or not to order. I’ve been ordering from them for about 25 yrs!

  2. I love, LOVE old books, and could spend hours upon hours in second hand book stores! These pictures make me feel like getting out now. I love perusing the shelves for some obscure, old, out of print title that no one has heard of. I’ve found many treasures this way.

  3. I’ve been in that library bookstore in Carp. with a friend. I bought a book about the Titanic for my son.

    I frequent our own local library bookstore and also love a local antique shop for book browsing. I shop online at,,, etc.

  4. I Love this post. I love books and reading so much. In fact, I just posted about books and what I’m reading on my blog yesterday! I usually get my books from the local library or book exchanges with friends, basically where ever I can! Happy Reading !!

  5. I love books! Anywhere I can find them is where I go to look and get some. Library, bookstores, online as long as I get the one I need and want I’m a happy camper. The feel of books, the smell, and just the power, excitement and joy I feel when I hold one that I will read is a wonderful feeling.

  6. Hi Lisa honey, I get most of my books from the library. I adore books but find buying fiction pointless because once you’ve read it chances are you won’t read it again, no matter how good it is.
    Gardening books, on the other hand, are a different story! I am extremely passionate about gardening so books on this subject are treasures! I sometimes see one I just have to have and I then get John to get it from Amazon for my birthday or something. xx

  7. I love independent bookstores. My favorites are Tattered Cover in Denver and Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe.

  8. Well, since my “read books” collection had begun to take over our home, the best gift ever this past Christmas was my beloved e-reader! I buy my books now from B&N online, download, read, enjoy, and CLICK – delete! Huge clutter killer and I love, love, love the ease of it all – totally addictive. I have some favorites on shelves at home and some classics, but the “no more stacks” policy has made me super happy:) Still own and purchase lots of kid books though, but they love the reader as much as me.

  9. Library!!! We have one of the best. And when I discovered we could borrow DVD’s, too, well, life hasn’t been the same. No wonder Blockbuster went out of business. My other go-to for books I want as my own is Amazon – I guess that explains Borders’ demise.

  10. i love 1960’s children’s books, especially ones by Syd Hoff. I absolutely love them, especially the illustrations! i get them at junk stores, goodwill, garage sales, but almost never at used bookstores because they’re too expensive. when i go home to illinois i find the best deal there.

  11. Please … do you know the title of the book in the right panel of the first photo, the one with the beautifully tailored clothing? I want that one.

  12. I love books and used bookstores! There is a great used book sale in Santa Barbara every September at the fairgrounds. There’s a dollar bookstore in the mall in Santa Maria and another used bookstore called the Bookworm in Santa Maria also.

  13. My husband says, “If a book is worth reading it is worth owning.” So I can just go out to my garage anytime a get a great book – but I’ve read them already.
    I love to go to the used book store, goodwill and ebay. Also I can find almost anything on Amazon!

  14. I get books any place they sell them. I am a bookaholic! I also frequent my local library. Oh, and now I can download them to my iPad. I have been reading since I was 4 and am almost 47 now. Books can take you on the most amazing journies and introduce you to many new friends. I share my books with my friends and family so many people benefit from my love of books.

  15. That’s so cool. I was at the second hand shop yesterday and picked up 4 classics for 50 cents each! I also love the public library, my church library, and my book group. Our library has over 40 titles that you can borrow for your book group (10 volumes plus a sheet of discussion questions 🙂

  16. Oh, how I love a good book! I’ve recently made a pact with myself. No more buying books! Only the library and swapping with friends and family from now on for this girl.

  17. i get most of my books at – you can get a book for a penny!!! plus 3.99 shipping! but it’s still cheaper than getting one in the store – plus i have found authors that i never would have found in the stores. i just got Hugh Laurie’s (House) book called the Gun Seller – suppose to be a take off of spy books! i will start it later today! can’t wait! i also bought all of the stories by jane austin – in one book – unfortunately it weighs l0 pounds! well almost – but it’s big – so can’t lay down in bed and read this book!! SHEESH! how fun for you guys to have found some neat books.

  18. We have an amazing library in Camarillo, so I borrow my books from there. I almost always get the paperback ones because they don’t have a due date so I can take my time enjoying them.

  19. My grandma and I share a love of both gardening and reading. She shares both her flowers and her books with me and I count myself blessed!

  20. I visit Carpenteria once in a while. What is the name of the store? I love books and get them where ever I can get them. Many times I find them for free behind our local library.

  21. the LIBRARY is the place i go for most books. i HATE purchasing a book i think i’ll like, and then finding out i don’t. so, i borrow it, read it, and if i really like it [insert kate norton’s name and marisa de los santos’ name here], i purchase the book. way cheaper and less cluttering than owning.

  22. I seem to have quite a collection and they are something I don’t think I can ever give away! I get them everywhere– thrift stores, Barnes and Noble, my mom’s shelf! (I steal from her a LOT!) 🙂 But I LOVE words!!!

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