hello carpinteria

I snuck away on Friday and got some much needed sister time with Chrissie. It involved lots of talking, good food and browsing through used books {I left with quite a pile!}. It’s a new week and a fresh start. How about some hellos?!

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Hello reading, reading and more reading. I am always on the hunt for a good book. I love trading with friends, browsing Barnes & Noble and of course a good used book store.

Hello leaving with a pile of books–about 12 for $20. Awesome.

Hello COLOR! Hello healthy. Hello tasty!

Hello pomegranates. They remind me of my grandma.

Hello Rincon Brewery–a new restaurant. Delicious!

Hello California sky and tree. Someone told me recently that palm trees aren’t beautiful. This didn’t make sense to me. To me, they are California beauty.

Hello F U N. Hello light up signs, decor with color and random items that bring beauty. Whimsy is one of my favorite Carpinteria shops!

Hello sister, hello heart friend.

Hello new shop on Linden in Carpinteria called Bon Fortune. You guys–so many pretty papers, decor and inspiration. More on this soon.

Hello art. Hello finding inspiration.

Hello croissants and scones. I’ll take a chocolate chip scone, please. Yum.

Hello, hello. How are you?  We are saying hello to parent teacher conference week. Dad is home! He was in the Dominican Republic last week. Hello family pictures this week. Hello preparing for Thanksgiving! Hello to you! I’d love to hear YOUR hellos!

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  1. i love seeing family pictures this time of the year! i have always enjoyed seeing yours for sure seems like we take ours not long after you guys take yours! i hope you will be posting some i want to see the outfit combos you did!

  2. I must admit when I first moved to Florida I missed all the trees up north…especially the maples. Palm trees just didn’t measure up; and it took me a long time to see them as “beautiful”. But I finally came around…and I love them too. (but I still like maples best of all 🙂 )

  3. Oooh, did you get Tale of Two Cities? One of my favorites. I thought I’d hate it when I had to read it a few years ago because I had to teach it, but it was amazing!

    Hello to tying up loose ends and getting ready to go to the Grand Canyon with my family this weekend. It will be great to get away for turkey day! xo

  4. Love your hellos! I am also saying hello to report card/parent teacher night. And….hello to snow on the ground! Trying to stay positive about that – the kids were asking today how long ’til no more snow pants…..probably 5mo 😮 !!

  5. Who was the crazy person who thought palm trees aren’t beautiful? I would love one right in front of my house but it wouldn’t survive the cold northeast, so I enjoy them when on vacations!!

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