friday love.

it’s friday and i’m linking up with jeannett over at life rearranged to share pics from the week!
1. target opened up across the street and the amount of joy i feel in my heart is probably ridiculous–but i am so incredibly happy!

2. a pretty bloom near the beach in carpinteria

3. the view outside our room on our anniversary getaway. i haven’t relaxed that much in a long, long time.

4. we are total mac fans and alongside our new target is a brand new mac superstore. love love love.

5. bottled water for the car as we were driving to see our boys after our anniversary getaway.

6. cousins! we are hanging with cousins camping and playing this weeked. so fun!

what are you plans for the weekend?


  1. A Target across the street. Oooooo, how dangerous!!!!! But also how convenient…especially when the Sunday deals come out. You can just hop right over there before everything is picked over! 🙂

  2. Who doesn’t love Target! Well, busy, busy weekend filled with fun, fun, fun. Celebrating another birthday with family and friends at our house with a luau birthday celebration. So excited!! Then patio shopping on Sunday. Waited this long to see if we can find a good deal. 🙂

  3. Loved the pics, and especially the MacSuperstore mention.
    Miss you, sweet friend! Summer schedules are so crazy!

  4. There’s been talk, on and off, about a Target down the hill from us … about 4-5 miles away, and that, alone, has made me giddy … so I completely understand! 🙂

  5. I would completely LOVE a mac superstore nearby. You are sooooo lucky!

    This weekend brings time to celebrate my 12 year wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband. Yay!

  6. I Love target too,,the only one is 70 miles away 🙁 Friday I am packing sending my daughter to band camp for all of next week,,Also cleaning for my husben to come home after 4 long months overseas !!!Love the week-ends,,,

  7. Short and sweet. I like that. Looks like you had a beautiful time on your anniversary weekend. So glad. And love seeing the cousins pics. Love family. hugs

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