bon fortune {so inspiring!}

It’s fun to celebrate things–big and little! We love to have a themed birthday party or host a big family Thanksgiving. But it’s fun to celebrate the everyday, like special pancakes on Saturday morning or a good report card. Bon Fortune in Carpinteria {near Santa Barbara} was seriously inspiring me to think of new ways to celebrate! She has gorgeous decor and trinkets for every occasion. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures to share with you! Come take a look…

I think I need these reindeer for some cupcake toppers and how cute are these little trees for cake toppers or to make mason jar snow globes?

Visit Gina’s online shop here and follow her on instagram here.

Are you planning a celebration right now? Are you hosting a Christmas gathering?


  1. I wish I lived somewhere that we had such shops and celebrated like this (or even had family around).

    Thank you for sharing her link to her shop, my credit card may disagree, but I might just be organised for next Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to your family and readers. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

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