saturday love

above, some photos from instagram this week. top right, i got to see my family while we were down south. bottom left, the most quilt arrived from camille roskelly. it’s so beautiful and such a treasure!

david and i just got back from Los Angeles where we visited his cardiologist and pulmonologist. Although David was very feisty–he doesn’t like a lot of tests and being still–everything went great! We are so happy with how he has healed and become stronger since the heart surgery. Thank you, Lord!!

Today is the start of a two-week spring break for the boys. I have high high hopes to do some organization around the house and maybe a couple fun projects.

We’re still in jammies, just finished chocolate chip pancakes and wondering what we should do with our Saturday?!

What does your Saturday hold?


  1. hi, lisa! i’m visiting from LMM today. i of course have heard of your gorgeous jewelry and all but did not know the story of your family and little boy. my 3 month old son just had surgery on his skull a month ago and i feel for you with taking little ones to the doctor and getting tests, etc. he’s such a beautiful boy and i’m so happy he is doing well!

  2. Hello!!
    I just stopped by from LMM to say hello!!! I see you use the instagram app too!! Seriously, one of my favorite things ever. 🙂

  3. Yay, I’m so glad David has healed from his surgery. I miss you and your boys 🙂 My saturday was eating at the local deli with the boyfriend, wandering around Santa Barbara’s Earth day in the beautiful weather, and hanging out with my little sis who is visiting. Loving the spring weather and all of the flowers blooming 🙂

    1. hi kalie! we just toured your old house today. we miss you too! i bet it was a beautiful day in SB! hugs!!

  4. I can’t imagine what relief a positive health report brought to you and your family!! I hope you have an amazing two week Spring break with your boys laughing and accomplishing things along the way 🙂

  5. At first I thought you had a twin! Holy cow! Our Saturday: just got home from some shopping in the nasty pouring down rain(yellow shoes & pillow from Target), some fun trim from Hobby Lobby,etc…
    Now we’re in for the night. Need to finish a ruffled wreath for hubbys grandma’s bday party tomorrow,make a trifle for the occasion and get some sewing done.
    Have a great night. Im jealous of your boys long vacation. My huhby was on spring break this past week but since he’s a track coach it didnt seem like much of a break. He had practice every day and THREE meets this week.

  6. you are the most cheerful woman ever. reading your blog encourages me to be more hopeful, thankful, and joyful DAILY! love your saturdays!

  7. lounging in fleece pants and a comfy t-shirt, playoff hockey (lets go Sabres!), reading and fancy dinner with friends in town this evening. Not at all bad for a Saturday!
    Glad David’s news is excellent!

  8. just got home from 4yr old’s soccer game – its’still cold in ohio – I thought spring soccer league would NOT include winter coats! got date night w/ hubby tonight – dinner out with another couple, after enjoying the rest of the afternoon just relaxing a bit.

  9. So glad you begin your two week break with such a great report for David!
    We are off to a rainy day Easter egg hunt. My daughter was so “egg”cited when I told her. I wish I’d had a camera! Boots, raincoat and a basket (that’s spring in Seattle 🙂 ).

  10. Hubby has to work, this is my last Saturday before our second child is due. Just took my 1 1/2 year old out for a special treat of doughnuts for breakfast. Maybe a bit of sewing and cleaning, and maybe a little praying for labor to start! Happy Saturday.

  11. My Saturday holds: A morning trip to the farmer’s market for freshly squeezed orange juice and a hot chocolate croissant. A delicious caramel latte. Work from 11-4. A dinner and movie date with a friend. (We’re seeing Hop; it looks so cute! Who says we’re too old for a kids’ movie?)

  12. My Saturday will be spent looking for necklace trinkets in Dallas, making a brand new spring wreath for my apartment door, finding some fresh flowers for my mason jar and letting all 3 grandchildren being part of all of this! Love the quit, Lisa…my Grandmother’s quilts are my treasures. And so happy about David’s checkup! Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday….

  13. I’m on the fourth day of the worst cold /allergies. I feel awful. Woke up to snow on the ground again with the possibility of 6-10 during the day!! Calgon, take me away!!!

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