Part two of our journey continues in Gniezno, Poland. You can read part one here. It’s such a lovely town. I fell head over heels for the color everywhere, the yummy food, the warm people and the sense of history.

While we were in Poland, I saw very few individuals with disabilities. People stopped in their tracks and really stared at David. We talked with a local and she told us it’s unusual to be out and about if you have such a severe disability. That said, no one was unkind to us and everyone was very accommodating with David. We were able to find soy milk {after a bit of hunting!} and blended foods that worked great for him. He stayed healthy the entire trip and except for a little constipation, he felt happy and energetic. I am thankful we’re able to travel internationally with David. It can be challenging, but it’s so worth it!

There are bikes everywhere. I love a bike friendly town!

WC stands for water closet–which means restroom, bathroom, toilet, loo, what have you. If you’re in a new country and having an emergency, this can be valuable information!!

Too bad that ice cream cone isn’t real. Yum!

Photo bombed by Matthias {again!}

We didn’t mind a little rain.


He really, really, really wanted the artist lego mini figure–and you can’t tell which one is in the package. And he got it. So happy!

This picture of the sun setting behind the cathedral doesn’t do justice to the beauty that we took in. Gorgeous.

We attended a royal ball in Gniezno. I found this vintage, beaded gown  at a thrift store in Dallas for $7. I was so happy! The silver glitter shoes are off Zappos. We’ll have to talk about how much I love Zappos some time. The dress felt like a gift sent from heaven–finding a formal gown is stressful and expensive–so glad I didn’t have to worry about that.

The ball was a mix of descendents of the royal family,  city officials {I chatted with the head of the Polish air force, a very nice gentleman!}, prominent business people and American students who were singing in the Von Promnitz Choir Tour. There was tons of food, all kinds of drinks, lots of pastries, a short ceremony and lots of time to mingle. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. Funny thing, I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to snuggle with the boys–I’m introverted, what can I say?!

It was dark when we left for the ball so it was hard to take pics. The ball was held at The Palace Balcerowo. And the photo above of us dressed up was the best of the bunch.

 I wonder if I’ll ever have another opportunity to wear that dress again? Maybe I’ll have to create an opportunity!