Gniezno, Poland, this is where our story begins {part one}

We’re home! It’s wonderful to sleep in our own beds.

We had an AMAZING trip. Wow, there is so much to tell. So much to think about. So much to be thankful for. The boys were fabulous travelers–there were many times I marveled at how flexible they were. Also, having my sister with us was a blessing. She helped a ton with both boys, but especially David.

We tried new foods, learned about history, and grew closer as a family. There were imperfect moments too, and I want to be honest about those. I have five posts lined up for the next week or so–and I’ll try to share as many bits and details as I can.

We landed in Berlin and then drove to Gniezno, Poland. This is where our story begins!

Gniezno is a small town in central-western Poland. It’s near the larger city of Poznan. It used to be the capital of Poland so there is rich history here!

The cathedral in Gniezno is breath-taking both inside and out. I took so many pics it was hard to chose which ones to share!

How fun to have auntie along, right?

We found a pizza place our first night there and it was probably the best pizza I have ever eaten. So of course, we went back the next night, too!

David was nodding off at dinner. Jetlag is rough!

The town center is full of shops, restaurants, flowers and birds. So charming!

We stayed in the heart of the town and we were able to walk everywhere {which is my favorite!}. We ate pizza, kebabs, and traditional polish food like polish sausage and schnitzel. There was a toy store and an ice cream shop right across the street from the hotel.

Some friends of ours are descendants of the Von Promintz Family of Poland which makes them a Count and Countess. Because of their position we were able to meet with city officials and business leaders. It was an amazing experience!

I’ve got lots more to share. Including attending a royal ball, getting wiped out by something we ate, and taking in lots of history.

My favorite part of travel–discovering a completely new place for the first time. My least favorite part of travel–jet lag. What are your favorite/least favorite parts of travel?


  1. Why Poland? I would love to go since my family is from there. How did you plan your trip, travel agent yourselves, both? Just curious all the logistics, I am hoping I can make this a reality sooner than later for myself!

  2. What took you to Poland??? It looks beautiful. We are traveling to Auschwitz first week of July. Do you know how far your town is from Krakow/Auschwitz???

  3. Glad you had a good time! Gniezno looks good. Haven’t been there, but have been to Poznan, which I still have happy memories of. Glad the boys enjoyed Poland – and Polish food! Look forward to hearing more.

  4. I love the photo of the building srrounded by birds. Great pics. Cant wait to see/hear/read more. I’m not a good traveler – I tend to overpack and get a little anxious. But I love being away from home sometimes. I love staying in hotels. I love seeing new places and the way other people live.

  5. Enjoying seeing the sights in your pictures. Worst part of travel for me…getting packed…and I’m not crazy about the flying part either…haha… I’m not the best traveler I guess. 🙂 (I’m fine once I get where I’m going…)

    1. It can be really hard to get going! And the piles of laundry afterward can be overwhelming {that’s the stage I’m in right now}

  6. Fantastic photos Lisa! I love that you take your children with you around the world and that you aren’t letting having a child with disabilities stop you from seeing the world. Can’t wait to see more!

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