it was such a good weekend.

we were home! and we laid around,

made pancakes, did laundry (only a little),

saw a movie, and built legos.

it was wonderful!

matthias and i went on a little hike

and gathered a bunch of branches.

i can’t wait to show you the project i am cooking up.

and david was so energetic

and happy and had a great appetite.

he really turned a corner in the last few days.

yay! so excited he is feeling great.

he’ll return to school after thanksgiving.

i’ve been working on a few projects for the holidays.

i plan to share step by step instructions for you.

they are easy and pretty and affordable.

i hope you’re ready to get inspired!


it’s a short week (the boys are out wed-friday for thanksgiving)

and we are grocery shopping and meal planning

and gearing up for a much needed break.

monday, oh monday hit me like a ton of bricks!

i was super emotional/overwhelmed/frustrated i can’t get my rhythm back.

after a mini meltdown and a good cry i think i’m good again.

today is a new day.

i’m gonna let it be imperfect.

sending you hugs!!


  1. I start to think I’m the only one! How egocentric. I’m not the only one to have mini-meltdowns. I’m not the only one facing challenges. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. xxoOoxx

  2. Lisa, so glad David is doing well. Monday there must have been something in the air because I had a meltdown (breakdown?) then too. Thankfully, I seemed to have gotten rid of the tears etc. I had stored up and am back on a more even keel now. I hope the same can be said about you too!

    Have a very happy Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for!

  3. sometimes a good cry is just what we need. now it’s time for some holiday cheer. : )) wishing you and yours a wonderful thanksgiving. xo

  4. Ahhhh, listen…as long as you meltdowns are mini…it’s all gonna be okay!!! It’s when the big ones hit that you need reinforcements…you know…chocolate….cupcakes….something like that. Be strong and carry on!

  5. I love your quote “gonna let today be imperfect”. Thank you! That might be a life-changing phrase for me. So thankful for you. Can’t tell you how much you inspire and encourage me.

  6. meltdowns are absolutely necessary sometime. i’m so glad david is feeling better. what a dear. i think of him every day and send up a little prayer. your boys are lucky to have you for their mama. thank you for all you do to make our days brighter! happy thanksgiving!

  7. I agree with Betsy … it was WAY wonky for many of us. Glad its over.

    Here’s to a new day, whatever it may be.

    Glad to hear David is getting better. = )

  8. dear Lisa, I will be praying for a good day for you! You have carried so much on your shoulders the last few weeks and months. It is ok to lay your burden down and rest. He wants us to. He loves you so very much.

  9. I felt the same way yesterday – I think the IKEA blog brought it to a head for many reasons – not your fault I love your blog IKEA brings up bad things in my heart though. Enjoy your perfectly imperfect day – I know those two words sum up my life LOL – I just have to EMBRACE it!!!!

  10. Lisa- I love what you just said, “i’m gonna let it be imperfect”…yes! me, too! and i think we all should : ) happy thanksgiving and have a wonderful week together!

  11. Sending you big hugs right back… I’m looking for for the step by step craft projects… I’m looking for something fun and different to do this year.
    Have a good day… you are blessed!

  12. So happy to hear David id feeling better. Nothing makes a mommy’s heart happier than seeing her kids happy and healthy 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what projects you have up your sleeve. I need to get inspired for the holidays and start decorating.

  13. I had a good cry this morning – they do help! Hope you are doing better and continue to have a great week with your family as you get back in a new rhythm. Thanks for your blog – it is one of my favorite blogs to check each day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. i love reading your blog and so looking forward to whatever you have thought of with the step by step instructions 🙂
    hope today is an awesome day for you

    Betty Bake AKA Bernice

  15. Oh how I understand those out of wack days. I’m so glad that David seems to be getting better. I know that must be such a relief for you. A good cry will always do a mommy good! 🙂 Can’t wait to see some frugal holiday decor. (((HUGS)))

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