it was such a good weekend.

we were home! and we laid around,

made pancakes, did laundry (only a little),

saw a movie, and built legos.

it was wonderful!

matthias and i went on a little hike

and gathered a bunch of branches.

i can’t wait to show you the project i am cooking up.

and david was so energetic

and happy and had a great appetite.

he really turned a corner in the last few days.

yay! so excited he is feeling great.

he’ll return to school after thanksgiving.

i’ve been working on a few projects for the holidays.

i plan to share step by step instructions for you.

they are easy and pretty and affordable.

i hope you’re ready to get inspired!


it’s a short week (the boys are out wed-friday for thanksgiving)

and we are grocery shopping and meal planning

and gearing up for a much needed break.

monday, oh monday hit me like a ton of bricks!

i was super emotional/overwhelmed/frustrated i can’t get my rhythm back.

after a mini meltdown and a good cry i think i’m good again.

today is a new day.

i’m gonna let it be imperfect.

sending you hugs!!