insanely beautiful views to be found {knapps castle -santa barbara}

Hello friends! We returned from a weekend in Santa Barbara where we spent time as a family and celebrated David’s birthday. One of the highlights of our weekend was a hike to Knapp’s Castle. It’s an old estate that burned down 70 years ago. I first heard about these ruins in Santa Barbara Magazine–they did a beautiful photoshoot there–and I was so inspired! {Click here to see the shoot} And, I’ve wanted to see it ever since! So we made the drive {about 15 miles from Santa Barbara} and it was so beautiful! The hike is super easy–not even really a hike. For more info on finding the unmarked trail that leads to the castle, click here. I took lots of pics for you. How about some hellos for a brand new week?

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knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-01

Hello driving uphill. Even before the hike started the views were insanely beautiful.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-02

Hello open to the public. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the owner will continue to allow people on the land. But for now, it’s accessible. {And you don’t have to climb through the gate, Matthias did that just for fun!}

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-03

Hello archways. I wonder what these looked like 70 years ago?

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-04

Hello amazing views! We could see lakes and mountains for miles.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-05

Hello high up. Hello touching the sky!

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-06

Hello amplitheater or staircase? Not sure what this was or how it fit into the house?!

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-07

Hello hot sun and no shade. We made sure to drink plenty of water. It was a lot warmer up there than in Santa Barbara.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-08

Hello family trip. Overall the weekend was exhausting and imperfect. We couldn’t seem to find our rhthym. But we had some sweet moments and some good conversations.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-09

Hello steps leading to the edge of the mountain.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-10

Hello holding hands and a cuddle. Love these moments.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-11

Hello to a pic with the two of us! Yay! Matthias is pretty good with the camera.

knapps castle santa barbara hike lisa leonard-13
Hello getting back in the swing of things–including grocery shopping, laundry and getting the house back in order.

Hello haircuts for the boys. Feels like we just got haircuts last week?!

Hello new jeans and shoes. These boys are outgrowing everything!

Hello keeping busy on these summer days. Matthias wants to stay home all day and draw or play video games and David wants to be outside playing. It’s balance keeping them both happy.

Hello tickets to Peter Pan for Friday night. I love that play and I can’t wait to share it with the boys.

Hello working out and working hard and playing too!

Hello brand new week with beauty waiting to be found. Join me?

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  1. hi Lisa 🙂 just had to leave a random comment today….bought a charm bracelet many years ago & keep adding as the grandkidlets come 😉 today I got it back after adding another one & posted on my facebook…WOW~! the comments are coming fast & furious….they all want one~!!!! its crazy 🙂 I have many pieces from you & love them all …thanks XO

  2. Beautiful! I treasure your honesty when you share things like the trip was imperfect. That makes you so much more relatable and endearing. Thanks for being real!

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