decorating with branches {diy}

Lately I’ve been so inspired by branches!

I love their texture, and if you live near trees, they’re free and plentiful!

Last week I created this heart out of branches and hung it in our family room. {DIY instructions further down}

I love how it makes an impact visually but isn’t overpowering because of the negative space.

Texture–look at all that beautiful texture!

I hiked up the hill near our home and gathered some stray branches.

All you need is some wire and cutters for this project. I used 22 gauge wire from Michael’s.

First, I laid out the branches to create the heart shape I wanted. If a branch was too long I just broke it to the desired length with my hands.

Then I started wrapping wire to connect the branches.

Those branches that go across the center of the heart give it a lot more stability and structure.

It’s simple, organic and messy. Just like real love, right?


  1. Will definitely give this a try. I’ve been saving branches & sticks to make a few things that I’ve seen on Pinterest & will now add this to my list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very nice…
    mine would never come out quite the same…hahah
    But yours is simple and sweet; nice in that space.

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