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fourth of july

July 5th | family

we went to our church picnic yesterday {which involved potato sack races, watermelon, ice cream and friends} and we were supposed to BBQ with friends in the evening, but i ended up feeling crummy and we stayed home. it was a mellow fourth of july for us! tonight we are having a birthday dinner for david with a few friends.

what did you do for the 4th of july?

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  1. We were pretty mellow as well. Hung out by the kiddy pool, took a long walk, grilled out. Just our small family enjoying time together :-)

  2. Linda Z says:

    This looks perfect! :) We went to a patriotic concert in the AG Village and little fireworks in my parents’ driveway.

  3. Sandi says:

    Happy Tuesday!

    Today my baby boy, Sheldon turns nine! I don’t know where the time has gone!

    We enjoyed a quiet 4th of July, just hanging out in the back yard playing in the pool and barbecuing….it was actually quite nice!

    Today I’m looking forward to celebrating Sheldon’s Birthday and enjoying the day with him. Then tomorrow it’s off to California…..I’m so looking forward to my road trip with my boys! Maybe I will run into you somewhere along the Central Coast! We are Morro Bay bound!

    Happy belated Birthday to your sweet boy!

    Have a great week,

  4. how could i forget! happy birthday david! we love you. =)

  5. Kelly H-Y says:

    A fun neighborhood BBQ … was reflecting yesterday that our first neighborhood 4th BBQ was when I was 5 days away from having our first child … he will be 9 years old on the 9th!! A very happy 9th birthday to David, too … LOVE that baby picture of him in the prior post – – so sweet.

  6. Claudine says:

    We enjoyed endless time outside in the sunshine! It was a beautiful weekend!
    I’ve posted about it here:

    Hope you are feeling better Lisa!

  7. Sarah-Anne says:

    sounds like ya’ll had FUN! 😀

  8. Anne says:

    Took a train ride in the mountains of Colorado with all my family…we watched the fireworks from way up on a trestle… overlooking a rushing river. Fun….but a little scary too. :)

  9. Robbin says:

    Missed the Church picnic. We should have come up to SLO. Oh, well. We went to the movies with Liz & Gregg (now that they live 10 min. away, it’s easier to get together. Then we went home and Dan worked on my car and I did laundry. Then we picked up the kids and went to the Dodger game and watched the fireworks after the game from the parking lot. Fun day. And Liz and I are going to the game tomorrow, too. :)

  10. Dona says:

    Your photographs are amazing! I wonder what camera do you use?


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