15 hellos to new week { and a thrifty’s ice cream, yum!}

It’s Monday, friends! The beginning of a brand new week and a fresh start. And it’s our last week of school before summer–so that’s cause of smiles and happiness! We stopped by Rite Aid to get some Thrifty’s ice cream a few days ago. Every Friday night as a kid we got Thrifty’s ice cream. Good times. David fell asleep in the car so Matthias and I ran in to gather everyone’s favorite flavors. Yum! 

Hello last week of school.

Hello saying good-bye to teachers we love so much. I’m choked up just typing that!

Hello summer! Hello sunshine! Hello lazy mornings!! Hello happy!!!

Hello Rainbow Fish play that Matthias’ class is putting on–can’t wait!

Hello to my sister and her family visiting. So fun!

Hello to Steve performing a wedding this weekend for some of our friends. So special.

Hello to a baby shower for this girlie. Can’t wait to celebrate with her.

Hello single scoops costing $1.69. I remember when they were 15 cents. Yep, I’m that old!

Hello not minding paying $1.69 because the ice cream is so tasty!

Hello last day to get your order in for Father’s day! Click here to shop. 

Hello Monday! It’s going to be a full week–with lots to do and lots of time with friends. Hooray!


  1. I didn’t know Thrifty was still around! I feel super old, as I remember then being. 5 cents-single, 10 cents-double, 15 cents-triple. Los Altos Shopping Center in Long Beach CA via the 70’s!

    P.S. I am 46 =)
    P.P.S. LOVE the new bling. My credit card is starting to itch!

  2. Thrifty’s ice cream is responsible for why I am working to lose my extra pounds! My kids and I go there waaayyy too often. Chocolate chip rules!

  3. Lisa you are not old! When I was young we got 3 scoops for that 15 cents. I used to love their orange sherbet. One of my high school teachers, the always-smiling Percy Campbell, scooped ice cream at the Foothill Thrifty’s for a second job.

  4. Hello, last full week of teaching for this school year! Hello to time with girlfriends, my daughter’s last spelling test of first grade, a fun clothing swap at my place Saturday, and hello to spoiling my hubby on Father’s Day!

  5. Gosh…long gone are the days of 15 cent ice cream. I remember wanting a triple scoop and my parents thought it cost too much!! Really? I think a triple then was 45 or 50 cents! Chocolate Malted Crunch should be a staple in every kid’s life 😉

  6. we used to get thrifty’s ice cream after church (it was just down the street.) do they still serve the scoops with the cylinder-shaped scoop? i always wanted to eat a triple scoop on a cone…..looked like 3 *soup cans* of ice cream stacked neatly on top of each other! (and black cherry was my favorite.) 🙂
    thanks for the trip down memory lane this morning!

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  8. Love these ice-cream shots, specially the last one. Sad to say we are very wet over here in the UK. Have a great week. 🙂

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