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what i wore wednesday

July 6th | what i wore wednesday

it’s wednesday and i’m linking up with lindsey!
it’s definitely summer and i pretty much want to wear the most comfortable, easy pieces i can find in my closet.  this day i dressed in jeans from the gap, a super light, flowy top from H&M and wedges from old navy {which i took off as soon as i got back from the workshop}. molded heart bracelet and sun droplets necklace from my shop. i can’t be bothered with lipstick these days.

what can’t you be bothered with on a warm summer day?

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  1. I cannot be bothered with socks! Ewww! Nothing like sweaty socks during the summer! YUCK!

  2. Linda J. says:

    Housework… If the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing I’m outside……

  3. I can’t be bothered with make-up on hot summer days. Its been around 100 here in Northern Cal and it just seems that make-up just melts off your face. YUCK!

  4. Gussy Sews says:

    my winter foundation! even though it’s a cream, it feels way too thick when it’s hot outside. i have a bare minerals-like powder i wear. and lip gloss ;]

    happy wednesday, my sweet friend! XO

  5. denise says:

    as usual so so cute!

  6. valerie says:

    CUTE shoes! and I always love your tunic + jeans combos.

  7. Sara Sophia says:


    So good to see your face…I love your shoes…and hair (as usual) :)

    This summer I can’t be bothered to blog apparently, or feel well for more than a day at a time. Here is to feeling better, air conditioning, little freckled shoulders from dashing about in the sunshine, and lovely silver pennant banners on walls that remind us to dream of wonder.

    I just love you.


  8. Jana Miller says:

    I can’t be bothered with blowing our my hair…I’m going curly.
    xo Jana

  9. Erin says:

    Blow drying my hair!

  10. Jolene Webb says:

    I cant be bothered with any form of heat on my hair.. No hair dryers or curlers or wavers… whatever… yuck:/

  11. Amanda says:

    I can’t be bothered to blow dry and straighten my hair! It’s au naturel for me in the summer!

  12. i can’t be bothered with my foundation these days and i never thought i would say that! i have recently started taking much better care of my skin and with the hotness that is arizona, i don’t want it on my face at all!

    btw, you are so pretty! i love your style! you have the cutest outfits!

  13. Sarah says:

    drying my hair with the hair dryer. makeup. long pants (which are an unfortunate necessity in my line of work.)

  14. Michelle in N. Cal says:

    I cannot be bothered with make-up. it always seems to melt off and I also get those feather-y mascara smears on my upper eyelids!

    Cute tunic!

  15. Anne says:

    I can’t be bothered by tight or close fitting clothes…sundresses for me!

  16. Becky K. says:

    I’m with a lot of you gals…I can’t be bothered with blow drying or straightening my hair. Air dry for me then up in a messy bun. Not glam or even shabby chic…but great for running in the sprinklers with my boys!

  17. liz alaimo says:

    I can not be bothered with close toe shoes or drying my hair.

    On a side note Lisa, I love that top is it a recent purchase from H&M?

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      I purchased it a couple years ago–but H&M usually has some fun things–and it’s affordable!

  18. Tracey says:

    Makeup here too! If I’m going out at night I will, but for running around with my boys during the day (and we live in the South) I know I’ll just sweat it right off!

  19. Meredith says:

    I cannot be bothered with a number of things in the sweltering humidity of New Jersey’s summer weather. Some are the following: #1- heavy makeup -I feel as if it is a mask melting off my face (not cute, as well as quite messy), #2 – tight fitting clothes that don’t breathe well (again, not cute, not to mention incredibly uncomfortabe).
    Some of the things I can be bothered with are the following:#1- sandals (low & high) & flip flops (nothing closed toe – except sneakers while working out), #2 – air-drying my hair to it’s limit, then the least amout of blowdrying possible.

    😉 Smoochiewoochie

  20. rachel says:

    Lisa you always look so cute! love that outfit! I can’t be bothered with foundation. I know does nayone even where that anymore they all seem to wear minerals but on summer days I just can’t do it.

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