i can’t believe how well everything went yesterday for david’s heart catheterization.

thank you thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

each of you is such a blessing to me. thank you.

* * *

david had to be at the hospital by 9am,

so we woke up, ate frosted flake crusted french toast at the hotel (um, yum!)

david didn’t get any 🙁

and headed over to ucla.

then we waited in pre-op for 5 hours (ugh!)

i was so anxious but the staff was amazing.

i seriously loved the anesthesiologist.

that’s the part i am most nervous about

and he took so much time to go over david’s history and make a safe plan with us.

everything looks great. david’s heart isn’t enlarged.

his lungs are the right size, no hypertension. yay!

so the next step is to plan open heart surgery to close up two little holes.

right now, we are so happy to be over this hurdle.

sending out a big hug to each of you, from me and david!