it’s so good to be back home.

yesterday i grocery shopped, did a load of laundry and made dinner.

i know, shocking! i was so proud.

since it’s so good to be home, i thought i’d share a few more pics as we continue to settle in.

all our bed linens and bedroom lamps are from tj maxx,

we just got one near us a few months ago and i love it!




some friends of ours found this old school chalkboard

and were kind enough to let us take it off their hands.

i can’t wait to hang it up. so fun!




above the fireplace i have a bunch of photos printed on stretched canvas

an old frame

a driftwood heart and a few seastars.

we are so thrilled to have a fireplace, since our last home didn’t have one.




i found this teenie tiny ocean painting at my favorite thrift store last week.

it’s about 3 inches wide.

it’s the best treasure i’ve found in quite a while.

love it.

* * *

i’ve noticed a definite ocean theme running though our home.

shells, driftwood, ocean paintings and lots of aqua with nuetrals.

do you have a theme running through your home?