a grateful heart {giveaway} CLOSED



when i saw this picture my eyes filled with tears

not because i was sad but because i was moved.

moved because this necklace created in our little workshop

traveled in capable, caring hands across the country

and made it’s way to a small town in the dominican republic

and around the neck of this beautiful woman.

a woman who works hard, loves her kids, worries about her family and laughs with her friends.

just like i do.

she’s really not that different from me or you, is she?




based on the comments it looks like about 10 of you have sponsored kids.

{which make my heart about to burst}

today we are giving three faith. hope. amor. necklaces away.

to be entered in the giveaway

*just leave a comment and tell us one thing you’re grateful for.*

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make sure to leave a comment for each entry.


click her to sponsor a child AND get a free necklace at the same time!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED {thank you!}


  1. First and foremost, I am thankful for my Savior and the relationship I have with Him. Second, I’m thankful for my family…especially my Mama who is my best friend 😉

  2. What a beautiful necklace on a beautiful lady! I’m thankful for my family. They do drive me crazy, but I love them!

  3. I’m grateful for God’s (never-ceasing) grace and daily hugs and kisses from my kids. They are abundant (now) and I love it!! And since I’m a single parent, they are all for me. This is one time I really like not having to share 🙂 We also sponsor a child through World Vision. It’s been a great thing for the kids and me.

  4. i am thankful for god. the grace and forgiveness He pours on me daily, hourly, by the minute astounds me!

  5. I just commented on the wedding post what I’m grateful for, but I’ll say it here, too:
    I’m so grateful to be married to a great guy and to be able to try for babies at this late but great age of 38…
    We work with kids at risk in Romania…so I love anything that advocates for children! Thanks for doing this!!!

  6. I’m so thankful for our new adopted baby boy. 🙂
    We sponsor a child thru Compassion and love doing it!
    I absolutely love this necklace, Lisa {retired Spanish teacher that I am}!

  7. I have so much to be grateful that it is hard to pick one thing so I am going to say that I am grateful for the life I am living. All aspects of it are worthy of gratitude.I have a loving husband, two beautiful and healthy children, a good job, a roof over my head, amazing parents and in-laws and wonderful friends. It is not always easy or pretty, but it is a life to be thankful for.

  8. I am grateful for health, family, a roof over my head and food in my belly. I have been considering sponsoring a child, but through a different org. I think we’ll take the plunge soon and sponsor a child. I feel in my heart it is the right thing to do.

  9. I am grateful for my life- for my breath, health, family, and the ability to live where we do.

    I am beyond grateful for my family; for my loving husband and my two girls.

    I am grateful for my jobs-the one I get paid for and the ones I would pay to do (mothering, and being a wife)

    I am grateful for inspiration-for people like you, like Karen Walrond, like Tracey Clark.

    I am grateful for friends….

    We sponsor a child through Compassion and I am so grateful for her, Sandrine.

  10. I am grateful to be a daughter to an amazing mother. I hope that someday my son will be able to say I have been an amazing Mother to him. My mom turned 90 in October and we see that she is slowing down. I ordered a custom necklace from you – for her – for this Mother’s Day – Mamsy… she loved it and it is so special to me.

  11. I am grateful that my husband rescued me from myself.
    I’m grateful that my mom has my dad to stand by her, even when she succumbs to the demons that torture her.
    I”m grateful that my mom’s heart is so big that she takes on the burden and joy of caring for my Granny when her sisters won’t.

    I’m grateful for small smacking kisses on the shoulder as the 3 year tears through the house followed by “loves you, mama”

    I’m grateful that God has chosen me to be the wife and mother of my life.

    I’m grateful that you’re you.

  12. I’m grateful for my 4 boys and my hubby. I’m also grateful for my wonderful parents and brother that raised me. I miss my dad and brother daily (both have passed away).

  13. I am grateful for my two healthy boys, a wonderful husband, a roof over our heads, food on our table and love in our hearts. I am grateful for two strong and courageous parents who raised me with Faith and the strength to overcome life’s trials and tribulations.

  14. I am grateful for my four wonderful kids and so grateful to have a great mother!

  15. I am grateful to be alive. Surviving cancer for 2 straight years has taught me that little else really matters: just being here, breathing in the sweet fragrance of my kids, getting the chance to infuse them with Christ, and loving up my husband confirms the truths in Ecclesiastes. My life is like a breath of hot summer wind through the grass. Only by living for Him does any of it matter. I am grateful He has been faithful to teach me that, to test and confirm my faith, in the short time I have here.


  16. Today, on Mother’s Day, I am thankful for my Mom! Although I’m not a Mom I’m thankful to be a Godmom to the most adorable nephew!

  17. I am grateful for my 3 amazing children, Jordan, Max & Bella and our beautiful puppy Mya. They light up my life and reading the story about Ethan who passed away from Neuroblastoma is a real eye opener to how truly blessed I am to have healthy children! His story touched my heart and the strength of his Mom really put things into perspective. Don’t sweat the small stuff, milks gona spill, handprints are all over my dining room wall and bathroom door and whining will occur hourly but we have to count our blessings to have these moments in our lives. I am grateful I read about Ethan and in honor of him and all other children who had or have Neuroblastoma I am putting together a birthday paryt LUAU, in lieu of gifts I am asking all family and friends to bring donations to send to the NB Alliance in Shelburne, Vermount. So I thank you Lisa for making me aware of Ethan’s story. If we all give a little we can move mountains!!!!!
    Warmest Regards,

  18. I am grateful for the wonderful healthy 3 year old I have. I am grateful I can stay home and be his mother all day everyday. I am grateful he can run, play and even drive me crazy at time. I am grateful he will be a brother soon. The Lord has blessed us for more ways than I could have ever imagined.

  19. today I am grateful for my 4 miracles, time spent together this morning before going to work, grateful to have a job that allows me to share my passion and still be “mama” to my my four, grateful for friends who walk with me down the road of life, grateful for the many blessings I have been given even tho at the moment my life is far from perfect or what I thought it would be. Grateful for HOPE (both my daughter HOPE and the HOPE I cling to to get me thru this journey)

  20. Today, Mother’s Day, I’m grateful for my three darling daughters and a wonderful husband who lovingly gave them to me <3

  21. I am grateful that I’ve been afforded the opportunity to step away from being an elementary teacher to stay at home with my two amazing little ones. Being a stay at home Mom is simply the BEST!

  22. I am grateful for the gift of forgiveness. I was finally able to forgive my mother recently after holding onto 30 years of bitterness towards her for choices she made that crippled my childhood. Falling in love with Jesus this year has taught me that forgiving her is really for me not for her. It has freed me up to be a better wife, mother, friend and most of all a GRATEFUL child of the King who shed his blood for MY sin. I am loving the 143 necklace you made for me last month by the way…so I am also Grateful for YOU!

  23. I am greatful for my kids and husband. The love me for who I am and all my faults no matter what and fill my life with joy!! Beautiful necklace Lisa and I love the idea of sponsoring a child and Having the necklace as a reminder…

  24. I am grateful that I have had the chance to be home with my two wonderful children, and have a loving, supportive husband. ALthough it has been hard at times, I now I am very lucky.

  25. I am grateful for my mom today! She is an amazing mother and has made so many sacrafices for me and my brother and sister! I love her sooo much!

  26. I’m grateful for my hardworking husband. I never thought I’d find him but God knew that he was definitely worth waiting for.

  27. I have this on my facebook since I don’t have a blog. This is making me want to sponsor another child (we have a girl from Malawi, Africa)…or we’ve even talked about sponsoring a family–you can do that thru World Vision in about 4 different countries.

  28. I am grateful that my surgery went well and each day I am feeling a little better and have more strength. Happy Mother’s Day to all. Thanks for the chance to win a gorgeous necklace! **Megan

  29. I am grateful for my husband, and 12 year old triplets!
    I am grateful for my father who is a esoph cancer survivor of 3years!
    I am grateful for the many blessings that GOD has given me……

  30. I am so incredibly grateful for my husband. I am in the process of getting crafty and have been strongly encouraged and supported by my husband to open up shop. I wouldn’t have even considered it if it weren’t from him!

  31. The number one thing on my long list of grateful is my family. There are many other items, but they all pale in comparison… Thanks for the chance to win this lovely necklace.

  32. The moment I begin considering all I have to be grateful for, is the very moment I become quite overwhelmed with the grace of God. I am just too blessed to be stressed; that’s the truth! 🙂 Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  33. How beautiful is the love of God!! So thankful for it!!! Happy Mother’s Day!! In which I am grateful everyday for my 2 children and 1 who against all md reports should not have survived at 30 weeks delivery. Weighing 2 lbs 2oz. Isn’t God great!! My little Haley is my “little lady” and loves showing off her brand new necklace. Thanks, Lisa for your passion in your work.

  34. I’m grateful for the raise I just got, which is just what we need to add another sponsored child to the three we already sponsor. I’m praying about a boy from Africa named Mathias, who loves to play soccer and tell stories, who has 6 siblings and lives only with his mother. I think he’s the one…

    And I’m grateful for the gift I’ll be receiving tomorrow for Mother’s Day — thank you for making it for me, Lisa :}

  35. i am grateful to have a roof over my head. these days so many are without one. i am also grateful to have a husband who works extremely hard to provide for our family so that i am able to stay home with my little boy 🙂

  36. What a beautiful picture! It made me get teary eyed!

    Right now, I’m most thankful for the birth of my third son two weeks ago. Originally, I was really wanting a girl but I am soooo thrilled to be blessed with another son – boys are so special!

  37. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband, 2 precious sons and daughter we adopted from South Korea. So thankful for the miraculous doctors we have found to help our son and the miracles that happen every day at “his children’s hospital”! I could go on and on because we are so blessed!

  38. Im grateful that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program re-opened. Last year, many deaf programs were closed all over San Diego County. It was bad enough for deaf children because many of them don’t have deaf friends live nearby to communicate, or communicate with their parents ( only 10 % of Hearing Parents are willing to communicate with their child. Sad, huh?) The children were nearly sent to their home school district with an aide that knows little or no sign to work with, and no deaf peers to interact.

    After several difficult months for all of us (including teachers), the San Diego County decided to re opened two county schools : North and South of San Diego. Now, I’m grateful that the County had thought it twice for students’ needs: education in signing and interacting with their peers. Their beaming smiles with self-esteems are something I’m grateful for each day with each innocent individual deaf and hard of hearing students.

  39. I am grateful for the blessings that God gives me each and every day…family, health, friends, home, church, and job. Most of all, i am grateful for the unconditional love that he shows.

  40. I am grateful for the universal Love , hope and trust. I am learning to love myself again and to stop beating myself up . From the age of 14 I was diagnosed with post ovarian failure which means I can never have children. I am now 39 and still searching for my soul mate and the love of my life.
    I love your designs and your blog xx

  41. I am grateful for so much, my husband, children, parents & friends that all make my life so wonderful!

  42. I am grateful for so so much…but one little thing is some spare minutes to read blogs like yours that calm, inspire, and center me throughout the busyness of being a Mom!

  43. I m grateful for being able to wake up in the morning, to see my friends, to talk to my family.
    I m grateful for everything, because if you think of this, it is just maths. I could have been born somewhere in a desert starving, or in an abusive environment, or both actually, it’s not that unusual. we all belong to a small minority, so sometimes I come to think that we should be grateful for everything.

    thanks for the giveaway

  44. This is stunning!!!!!
    I am so grateful for the ‘hope’ that everyday brings. Hope for my beautiful family, hope for the health of my family and hope for the days that begin and end with my family in them. I am truely blessed to have them………

  45. I am grateful for a ten month old daughter who throws her head back and gives me the cheesiest smile just for the heck of it! Oh, and I am so grateful for a husband who is so helpful when I have been up five times in the night trying to put this same girl back to sleep! There are so many I am grateful for!

  46. so grateful for God’s grace, my precious children & loving husband.
    this necklace is yet another beautiful reflection of your generous, loving heart Lisa. i hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  47. today, i am so grateful for all that i have. as there has been a major flood in mine and surrounding areas with people who have lost their homes, their livelyhoods and their loved ones…..i am so blessed and grateful to have gone untouched by the waters. so very grateful. it could have been me. it could have been any of us………..so thankful. so grateful.

  48. I am grateful to God for all his Blessings on my life, the two most amazing being my hubby of 19 years, Mark and our wonderful five year old son, Max.

  49. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend my days seeking after God, loving my husband, raising two amazing little girls, following after my dreams and encouraging others to do the same.

  50. I am grateful for my husband, my daughter and my family……………..oh, and chocolate too!!!!

  51. I am blessed everyday by my family, but I am especially blessed to have these lovely students that teach me everyday that I am with them. They have taught ME so many things this year. I am grateful for the job that I have had these last 9 months and pray that I will be hired back.

  52. This necklace is beautiful. I am ever so grateful that I have a home and a family who loves me and has cared for me from my first breath on this planet. The support of those you love can never be denied.

  53. I am so thankful for having a sister – well I actually have two. My sister Olivia was supposed to die before she was one, but she is a miracle. My Mom got pregnant after the twins after having her tubes tied and had Anna. Anna has a seizure disorder and developmental delay. I love her so much!

  54. I am grateful for so many things. Our many blessings in this world, our family, faith and many simple everyday things that we take for granted that others would die for. We sponsor 3 children in Africa with World Vision….truly a blessing to be involved in this ministry. My cousin and her husband recently adopted a 14 year old girl from Haiti. They just got her after the earthquake. Her favorite
    thing about the US is the long warm showers she can take each day. Just shows how the simple things in this life may mean the world to someone else. Your work, blog and you are an inspiration.
    Our youngest daughter is a pastor’s wife and I know how hard you all work!!!

  55. What a precious necklace! I am so Thankful for my healthy 5 year old Son, I have 2 Angels in Heaven and he is really my miracle baby, I am so lucky to have him in my life along with my health and my Husbands.

  56. I am very thankful that I have a job right now and, on top of that, a job I love-being a teacher.

  57. So many, many things to be thankful for. Hubby and great adult children and how we enjoy each other! But the one thing I’m especially grateful for today is that I am learning to live in Father’s love.

  58. I have so much to be thankful…a wonderful husband and a great job that allows me to help others!
    I am so thankful for my family…and friends…and health…and inspiration…the list goes on and on…

  59. I am so deeply grateful for the comfort I am given daily from God. On days like today I long for it and am never disappointed

  60. lisa, you never cease to amaze me
    you have one of the most tender & generous hearts!
    i love this photo of her & you’re absolutely right…no different at all.
    i love how you are making a difference in your world & in the world around you

    i wish you a wonderful wonderful happy mothers day
    ‘YOU bless me

  61. I have EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), so i am grateful everyday that i can get up and do the things i have to do. As a single mum sometimes i struggle but i know i have to keep going because if i don’t things could be alot worse. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your wonderful pieces. Here is Australia it is Mothers Day tomorrow (9thMay) so i wish you a Happy Aussie Mothers Day!!

  62. I’m so grateful for my husband, who sacrifices so much and works so hard in order that I can stay-at-home with our 3 kids.

    My family is currently sponsoring a couple kids….such a neat organization!

  63. OH MY…that post just took my breath away and made me cry…wow…what a special moment for you.

    I am getting ready to speak on Sunday about being a mom and one of the scriptures I am talking about is II Timothy 1: 12…I just love that because I know whom I have believed that I can be confident to entrust Him to guard that which is precious to me…

  64. You do beautiful work, Lisa. I am excluded myself since my necklace is on it’s way to being around my neck forever (so excited!!)
    I just wanted to come and say that I’m thankful for beautiful women like you, who are creating work from their hearts and touching so many along the way. I bet everyone that loves you is so proud of who you are 🙂 Keep being you.

  65. I love this necklace!!!! If I could, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

    I am thankful for my husband, for not giving up as he has been looking for a job for almost two years. It has been rough, but at the end of the day we still have each other so that kind of makes it all ok. A job would make it even better, but we’re just waiting to see what God has in store for us.

    Lisa, thank you for being an inspiration to all of us.

  66. I am so thankful for my children, my work that not only feeds and clothes us but fulfills me and a family and friends network that is truly incredible 🙂

  67. My husband and I are now sponsoring two precious kids from DR- Luz and Anderson. He’s in graduate school and I’m in my first job post grad. We’re so thankful that we can begin our marriage with these kids as a remembrance of the many blessings in our lives!

  68. That is awesome! I am grateful that my home and my livelihood was not affected by the recent flood in Nashville. I am grateful that my church and my city have risen up and taken care of those who it has effected.

  69. I am grateful for me and my families health and blessings, I am grateful for my son and my husband and best friend, my dog and every single person who has touched me in my life. I am thankful for my problems because without them I wouldn’t have had to find a solution. I am grateful for life! Michelle Erdman [email protected]

  70. You have a beautiful heart and you have obviously touched many people Lisa! Every day, I am grateful for my family, my health, and for those that I love and those that love me in return. At the end of the day, it’s all that really matters 🙂

  71. after starting a family of my own, i’m so grateful to living 40 miles from my parents instead of 1,040!!! there is no sweeter gift for your kids than to have close relationships with grandparents, aunt & uncles, and cousins!

  72. I am so thankful for my husband. He is an amazing gift from the Lord, even on the days I don’t agree with him! Our three kids are also amazing…couldn’t ask for better!

    I’ve wanted to sponsor a little boy (as a “brother” for our only son), but our budget just doesn’t allow for it…maybe someday, hopefully soon!

  73. i’m thankful for a job that i enjoy, for my family, for my home, especially in these times when people are losing so much.

  74. Lately I am so grateful for my health, it seems that so many people around me have been becoming so very ill, life altering, life ending type things… young people who still have so much left to give… that I need to be conscious and aware of and grateful for my health… each and every day

  75. I am grateful for the wonderful family I have, my kind and understanding husband and our beautiful son, and the other son who will be with us in three weeks.

  76. I’m grateful for many things, but I most grateful that I had a GREAT DAD. He made my childhood wonderful, and taught me to be a good parent.

  77. I am grateful for my family, health, career, the ability to give and help, for books and iced coffee. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  78. I am grateful for living in the most amazing community here in Nashville. Despite the horrific and historic floods that hit us this past weekend, we have come together to be a light and a rock for each other. I am so blessed to be in a city that has some of the most beautiful spirits I have ever come across. I am so grateful that my husband, baby son and I are safe and are able to help others in our own little ways. We are the lucky ones. We count our blessings everyday.

  79. I am very grateful to have a steady, stable job. The economy has been so tough and my husband has been out of work off and on so it’s been wonderful to have the income from my job.

  80. i am grateful that we have been able to continue our sponsorship of our Compassion child, even though my husband has not had a paycheck in 9 months. GOD is faithful in providing for us, so that we can provide for her.

    thanks for the chance to win…it is inspiring to see what God does with our giftedness when we submit it to Him.

  81. Im thankful everyday for my health, my ability to take care of myself, for my amazing husband, for our true love, and our life together.

  82. I am grateful for my family: my husband who adores us, and our two beautiful, healthy, amazing children!

  83. It has been said about martyrs of the faith: “It was because they feared God so much that they feared man so little.” I am thankful that I don’t have to fear man…and can therefore live with reckless faith and abandon!

    Love the necklace and the picture!

  84. I am thankful for my ability to be a special education teacher! I love the students I work with so much they become a part of my “school” family! Without them, my school days would not be the same! It’s a new adventure each day!

  85. Every day, My Savior, who redeemed me, sustains me and loves me.
    Also, for those who may not be able to sponsor a child, World Vision has other ways to give, like buying a goat and sheep for a family or mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

  86. I’m grateful to be alive right now… this very second in this very year. Had I been born 50 years ago I would never of had a child.

  87. I am grateful for so much in my life, but most importantly it is my girls. I love them beyond anything else in this world. This Mother’s Day will be extra special for me as both my girls are old enough (5 years old and 14 months old) to give me hugs and kisses. They are my love!

  88. I am grateful for so many things and try to say Thank You to God every time I remember how lucky I am! Chief among them are my healthy kids and a hubby who agreed to see the doc for his GE reflux so he can be healthier and my part-time job which allows me to be a full-time mommy.

  89. Wow, I am so grateful for so many things. I’m very grateful that my son who is 12 and has Cystic Fibrosis is doing so well. Grateful that my husband that I have been married to for 15 years who is still with us after having 5 way bi pass surgery 6 years ago. I’m so grateful that my oldest son is so loving and compassionate and is turning into a wonderful young man. Grateful to live in such a beautiful town where it is like paradise everyday and for a wonderful community that watches out for each other. Even though my plate is very full each day with treatments, doctors appointments and stress, I am gateful to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and read such beautiful blogs such as this one. Thank you Lisa for making my morning!

  90. I’m grateful for the children that are always with me…always…always 😉 They are my life and I really am so grateful to be their mama. “My heart walking around outside of myself…”

    Thanks for always inspiring on here…you seem like a wonderful mother, loving and sharing hope and creativity with all of us that tune in…

  91. Only one thing I’m grateful for? Impossible.

    1. sunshine
    2. the sound of the ocean
    3. my family in the Bay Area
    4. my blood family in the Pacific Northwest
    5. warm tea

  92. I am grateful that even after losing our precious son and the grief that has followed and the woman I have changed into….my husband still loves me. He loves me through the tears, the mess, the everything. I am so grateful for such an amazing man!


  93. I am thankful for my amazing friends who tell me the hard stuff, even when I don’t want to hear it….and for their support and understanding!

  94. I am grateful for organizations like World VIsion and Compassion (we sponsor through them) that make it possible for us to be a blessing to kids who need help in other countries. I am grateful that God has blessed us with resources to be able to help!

  95. I am grateful for being able to wake up every morning, smell coffee in the coffee pot, see my children’s smiles, hear my husband’s voice, and feel the unconditional love of my family! Senses are not to be taken for granted for someday they might get taken away!

  96. I am grateful for my skills at signing which allow me to interpret for the Deaf effectively!

  97. I am grateful for a loving God, helpful husband, sweet son, and good health.

    My husband and I already sponser two World Vision kids, but I’ll pray about adding another. Thank you for motivating us all to think of others who in many ways are just like us.

  98. I’m grateful that God anwsered my deepest longing: a husband and two precious babies! Better late than never!!! (married at 34, babies at 36 and 37)

  99. hi lisa,

    I am grateful for God’s grace and the people he has placed in my life!!

    You are such a sweet person!! bless your heart!


  100. I am grateful for all the mean people that come in and out of my life each day, because of them, I strive to be a better person.

  101. I am grateful for so many things in my life: that my children and their families are healthy; my husband and I are healthy; we have a nice home; jobs; and the promise of eternal life.

  102. I am grateful that I’ve been blessed with two beautiful, amazing babes, and for a man that would do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g for me! BLISS!

  103. I’m grateful for the laughter from my daughter. Can not imagine a world without that wonderful sweet sound.

  104. I am greatful for my mom. She is still in relatively good health and I get to speak with her daily on the phone.

  105. I am grateful for faith, country, family, and the boys are willing to give up presents for being able to sponsor three World Vision children.

  106. I am grateful for trials. They always make us stronger in the end and I really think that they shape who we are and are reminders of what is really important!

  107. i’m so grateful for how God gives me enough manna for each and every day. and i’m grateful for a husband that chose to come along for the journey.

    we are sponsoring three children through compassion already. thank you so much for reminding me of them today!

  108. How fabulous.. I just sponsored three little ladies last weekend at a Women of Faith conference. One for each of my daughters.. I even had the workers locate girlies with the same birhdays as my girlies. WE proudly have a three new family members .. my youngest Annie took her “sister’s” profile to school Monday to share with the class and has written her letters and made her a birthday card as they both celebrated birthdays just yesterday. My Annie turned 10 and Pamela Mae is now 6 in the Phillipines.
    I am grateful for World Vision and Women of Faith.. beautiful organizations who care about women!

  109. I am grateful that after being told for years that I would never have a child that God has given me a beautiful daughter!

  110. I just signed up to sponsor a child from your link. It was on my list to do this week. Every time i sat down to do it, I got interrupted. It was fun to do it through your blog, one of my very favorite blogs. We chose a girl the same birth month and year as our little granddaughter. We recently read the book, The Hole in the Gospel, by Richard Sterns. It is a heart opening book. I am grateful that God opened my heart to the fact that every person in this world is valuable to Him. I am grateful that we are able to sponsor this child.

  111. I’m grateful for my four beautiful children, my loving husband, and of course our faithful golden retriever who is laying at my feet while I type this!

  112. I am grateful for all the wonderful things my son has taught me and for God giving me the patience and love to overcome it all.

  113. I am grateful everyday for my loving husband. We are 10 weeks away from meeting our much loved baby girl. This has been a struggle to become pregnant and everyday we get closer to seeing her face I am grateful for the blessing! Great giveaway! Happy Mother’s Day!

  114. I am grateful for over 50 years of memories and conversations with my beautiful mother who is quickly fading away both physically and mentally from Alzheimer’s–a horrible disease which sucks the life from so many people. I wonder how much longer– when I say,”I love you.” –she will be able to say it back –or even understand the words. So sad.

  115. Breath in my lungs . . . that is the sign of hope each moment. Hope that God will complete the good work in me that He has begun.

    Thank you so much.

  116. I’m thankful for my family…the blessing of my precious 3 daughters and hubby, and for the blessing of being born and raised in the USA.

  117. I’m glad that you asked this question because I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. So, in that spirit, I’m grateful for opportunities to help others.

  118. I’m grateful to be alive. As a teenager and young adult I made a lot of very poor decisions and yet God’s hand was always over my life, protecting me. It’s because of His goodness and grace that I’m alive today. He saved me.

  119. I am so grateful for my family! I thank God every moment of the day for the seven wonderful children he has entrusted to me for a short time and my wonderful, loving husband whom I adore:)

  120. Just ONE thing I am grateful for? There are so many. I would have to say, overall, my children who make every day Mother’s Day and although sometimes being a mother is a painful, lonely journey at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. My kids have helped me to become the woman am today…and the woman I will be tomorrow.

    I love your blog…it always helps me put my life in perspective…keep up the great work!


  121. I am truly grateful for my husband and kids. What was my life like before they came along?? And we have been sponsoring a child from the Philipines for years now. Our desire is to one day meet him in person!

  122. I am so grateful for the children God has given me. We struggle with illness and hard times but in the end I wouldn’t change a thing because our bond grows stronger in these struggles. May everyone be blessed this Mothers Day!

  123. I’m grateful for my healthy children and for people who are trying to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

  124. Yesterday, I just got word that my Bro and SIL have an adoption court date for their baby daughter in Ehiopia! My Sister in Law is who I would love to give this necklace to. She is an amazing mother.
    I am also so thankful for God’s provision. Times are tough and though I struggle with doubt at times, I know he is holding our family in the palm of hand.

  125. I am thankful for my husband, who is my mainstay through all the heartache we’ve experienced together and my greatest happiness through every moment. I am ever thankful for the love and protection my Savior gives me when I feel (and am) entirely undeserving.

  126. i’m grateful for the healthy baby girl growing in my stomach and the healthy little girl giving me hugs and kisses. what a pretty necklace. 🙂

  127. What a beautiful picture!!

    Your art looks so wonderful on her. Thank you for your heart and generosity that brings a sweet gift to a deserving woman.

  128. i’m grateful to be mommy to my 3. grateful for a husband who is patient with me. grateful for my God who is vehement in his affection for me, yet tender, gracious, compassionate at the same time. i need Him to be.

    love that your necklace is worn by a mommy in the d.r.
    we sponsor a little girl in the d.r. through compassion international.

  129. This is so sweet! I am most grateful for waking up each morning with a smile on my face and my amazing healthy family and friends who are always there for me!

  130. So many things to be grateful for – but the one that stands out the most to me in this moment is how richly blessed I have been with friends.

  131. Today I am grateful for a husband who works tirelessly to support his family and a God who comforts and carries a family when they have lost a baby. ♥

  132. grateful for every day, another chance to stop and count my many blessings–life, my loving husband, my sweet children, friends who are always there for me…the list goes on. how easily we forget that every day should start with gratitude!

  133. I am most grateful for the love and support of my family. I truly think I would be lost without them.

  134. I’m grateful for kids who hug my neck tight, a husband who holds my hand and a job to help me buy jammies at target 🙂
    Happy Mother’s DAY!

  135. Today, I am especially grateful for my brand new niece, due to arrive any second (my sister-in-law is in labor right now!) My sister-in-law and her husband tried for six years to conceive this beautiful little miracle, so her arrival is even more special and exciting!

    I am also grateful for my beautiful family: my husband of 8 years and my 3 year old daughter. My daughter woke up giggling this morning and then smothered me with hugs and kisses; it was the best early Mother’s Day present!

  136. I am so grateful for the day! I will share “Mother’s Day Tea” with my daughter at her preschool. Then she and I will leave my husband and son (my son has a t-ball game) at home and head to my mom’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend. Four generations of women will be together – my 90 year-old grandmother, my mom, me and my little girl. I am grateful that she will get to spend some time with some of the smartest and strongest women I know. They are teaching her all about “faith, hope and amor.”

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  137. Today I am grateful for all my fellow nurses during this Nurses Week. I work with such amazing people who touch lives everyday. This necklace seems a perfect tribute to what we do everyday–try to provide “faith, hope, and amor” to our patients going through bone marrow transplants.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  138. I’m thankful for a loving peaceful hubby, and beautiful lively kids, a sweet life and a lovely God. We too sponsor a child through world vision. It takes so little to do so much in one life. thanks for this giveaway!

  139. Grateful for the out pouring of love to the family of slain St. Paul, Minnesota police officer Joe Bergeron at his funeral yesterday. Also grateful to all our law enforcement men and women who put themselves in danger to protect us.

  140. This week, I’m grateful that in the midst of a federal disaster area, our beautiful city of Nashville is coming together to support each other–the volunteer lines were literally jammed up, the national Red Cross director complimented our mayor on the spirit of his citizens, my company’s out there on the front lines to help our employees and community who were less fortunate.

  141. I’m so grateful for my children. They give me a reason to smile each and every day regardless of how the rest of my day goes!

  142. I am grateful for my husband, Matt. The Lord truly blessed me with him. He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine doing life without him.

  143. I am thankful for a husband that is just and passionate and crazy as I am. I am thankful that God wrecked our hearts and in less than a year I will be the mother of two children from Ethiopia. I am thankful that he changed the crazy path we were own that was consumed by cool cars, big houses, and fancy clothes (we didn’t have any of those things but we were working hard to get them). I am thankful for a God who can change anyone’s heart at anytime and is full of grace and forgivness for me daily, because boy do I need it!

  144. I am grateful for my health, and the health of loved ones
    and I am grateful for my education and the opputunity to be a teacher,
    I have been thinking a lot about my support system these last few days – I am so grateful to have a family and husband who believe in me. They give me strength and it means the world to me.
    Beautiful necklace. Thanks 🙂

  145. one thing i am grateful for: that my life gets better and better every single day. i am thankful for that.

  146. I am so grateful for my three children who are such an integral and joyous part of my life! Thanks Lisa.

  147. What a wonderful giveaway.

    I am grateful to be able to go home at night to my husband and son in a nice, warm, dry house.

  148. I am grateful for opportunities. Those little moments that come up that give you a chance to do something differently. It’s in those opportunities that you see God’s love for his children.

  149. i am grateful for a lot of things, but the one i will list here is a husband who loves me unconditionally. no matter how i act that day he still loves me 🙂

  150. I am grateful for not living in a country where persecution results in torture and death. My heart aches for all of the other christians who deal with this daily.

  151. I am so grateful to be alive today, to smell the wet grass, to hear the birds singing, for the love of a great husband and my wonderful daughters, for my job, for family, especially my mother on this Mother’s Day weekend. God has planted my family in a new church and I am so grateful for the new friends I have made and for the fire he has planted in me to learn more about his word! Thank you God for this day!!

  152. I am so grateful for my family. My husband and daughter keep me
    grounded and remind me how blessed I am when I think I’m going
    nowhere in life.

  153. i’m grateful to be a daughter of the King and be loved unconditionally. i’m grateful that my sponsor child, not from Compassion but from teh orphange my sister-in-law & brother-in-law work with in Uganda is healthy. i’m grateful for my family.

  154. I am grateful for every breath I take…for the immense joy I have in my daughter and husband…and for the love of Christ – even though I certainly do not deserve it.

    The picture of the lady wearing your necklace is really remarkable.


  155. i am grateful for my family…for those i love and those who love me in return. i am grateful for my faith and the gift of hope. in the uncertain times i find my family in, there is still so much to be grateful for.

  156. I am grateful that my children are healthy and happy.
    I am grateful that my husband still loves me madly after all these years.
    I am grateful for a roof over my head, shoes on my feet and food on my table.
    I am grateful that I live in this country and have opportunities that others don’t
    and for that I am grateful that I can give to those who don’t have because I am grateful that I do.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy the day!

  157. I’m grateful for the unconditional love of my three beautiful babies! Having just lost my mom two months ago, this Mother’s Day is going to be very hard… I know my little sweeties will help me get through it though! 🙂

  158. I’m so grateful for my amazing husband who puts me at ease and takes care of me. He constantly shows me the love of Christ and I am truly honored to be his bride and soon-to-be mother of his child. Thanks for the give-away.

  159. I am thankful that God chose me to be a mother. It’s probably the most important thing I’ll ever do in my lifetime.

  160. I am grateful for family and friends and I think most of all God’s LOVE and mercy on us all.

  161. I am extremely thankful for my husband’s job. I get to stay home because of it, and not worry about paying bills, like so many are. This is my favorite necklace. I wish I had the money to buy a whole bunch of them for the women I will be seeing in the village I will be going to in El Salvador this Summer.

  162. What an amazing picture. I am grateful for two things today (ok, more than that but I’ll pick two!) my health and a long overdue date night with my wonderful husband tonight. Have a blessed day!

  163. Just simply grateful for my healthy family and a happy life. That’s it.
    Happy early Mother’s Day to you, Lisa!

  164. I am grateful for all I have, family, friends…. Wtihout them life would be incredibly empty.

  165. so very thankful for a loving & gracious Saviour….and for all the blessings He gives….including my husband & our precious, rambunctious two boys!!

  166. Gorgeous necklace! I am grateful for the health that both me and my family enjoy. So easy to take it for granted. I never want to forget how blessed we are.

  167. i’m so very thankful for my wonderful family . . . and my God who gives me the strength to put up with them when the goin’ get rough!

  168. I was introduced to your jewlery through a very dear friend of mine. She is possibly one of the strongest, sweetest people in the world. Her father passed when she was very young and her mother passed when she was in college. She has 3 children, one who is an angel with Jesus now, and 2 precious angels here. Her courage and determination amazes me. Even though her life is hectic (just like all moms), she will ALWAYS make time to talk and just to be there. She is an amazing mother, and friend. At this moment, she is what I’m grateful for.

  169. I am so grateful for the freedom we have in our country. I take it for granted far too often.

  170. i am grateful for a wonderful husband, six beautiful children who love me most of the time, a great church family and an awesome God!!!! i am so blessed!!!!!

  171. I am grateful for a God who is gracious with me and gives me this life that I am so undeserving of.

  172. What a beautiful necklace!! I am grateful for a husband who surprised me last night by telling me he was taking our 3 adorable children out tonight and he has planned a GNO for me! Shoe stores, book stores and dinner out with some amazing friends. What a sweet man!!!!

  173. I am so thankful for my two healthy children and my third son who is in heaven. I am thankful for my amazing husband and the gift of eternal life that God has given and the hope that is brings.

  174. Great picture!
    I am grateful for the chance of staying at home with with 2 children. I am lucky to avoid the stress of commuting and of work itself. I can see them grow one moment at a time!

  175. I am grateful for God and all he has done in my life-especially the past 4 years since I have been fighting cancer.

  176. My boys – I am grateful for my boys, my hubby and son! We have been through a lot over the past 1 1/2 years – no jobs, no house. But every day we cried, we also laughed – and we certainly loved! Today we have jobs and a house. We still cry. We still laugh. And we always love!

  177. I am so very grateful that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and beautiful 3-week old baby boy. I praise my Heavenly Father that my husband has a great job and he works hard so that I don’t have to go to work but instead get to stay home to care for and love our little boy. God is SO good, and I can’t thank Him enough!!

  178. I am so grateful for the blessings that surround me everyday – my son, husband, family, friends!
    Life is good!

  179. Loved the photo of the woman wearing your necklace, so beautiful.

    I am grateful for so many things but especially the love of family and friends.

  180. I’m so grateful for the precious baby that is growing inside of me right now. I can’t wait to meet him or her!

    Thank you for using your blog to talk about sponsoring children – it is so important! My husband and I sponsor a little boy from Rwanda, and we encourage other people to make the room for it in their budget. Keep up the good work!

  181. I am grateful for my three precious children and the three precious children we sponsor. It has changed our lives and perspectives the past 8 years and my children are some of the most grateful little kiddos I have ever met because of it.

  182. I am so very thankful for my wonderful, loving, caring, understanding family. I’d be nothing without them.

    Have a very awesome Mother’s Day Lisa! 🙂

  183. I’m grateful for Etsy recently… I’m working in Africa as a missionary at the moment and Etsy is a lovely way of window-shopping. I don’t need to buy things, but just looking is relaxing and helps me not feel so isolated or foreign here.

  184. Hey Lisa – I love what your doing here!! I leave tomorrow for Haiti so this is very dear to my heart! I already am honored to sponsor a child and I think I have to save some money to get this necklace for ME when I get home – it’s very special and very reflective!! love ya girl 🙂

  185. I am grateful for the friends I have made at Biola. And I pray God will keep bringing us together after we all move away from each other in 3 weeks.

  186. yes. one thing. hhhmmmmm. forgiveness. i’m usually the one asking for it from my son, friends, co-workers, and Jesus (not to lump the Savior of the world in, like an after thought, like milk or bread on the way home from work. it’s just that we can personally talk to Him, the savior of the world, and he hears and understands and forgives … and is forgiveness. amen.)

  187. I am grateful for insulin. My sweet husband and both of our daughters (5 & 3) have Type 1 Diabetes. Without insulin, their prognosis would be very, very different from life as we know it today.

  188. I am grateful for my husband who works hard to take care of my daughter and me and for how much he adores our little girl!! It makes my heart happy to watch him play with her and love on her!

  189. I’m grateful for the wonderful amazing opportunity to get a fantastic education and being able to hang out with all of my best friends at the same time. College is amazing. <3

  190. I am so grateful for my beautiful girls! They amaze and inspire me every day. Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us!

  191. the Word of God. . . living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword
    teaching these truths to my children night and day
    snuggling them when they wake afraid in the night and soothing them back to sleep
    hearing the patter of little feet and sweet voices calling, “Mommy!”
    unexpected hugs
    so grateful for these things and more . . .

  192. Lisa, you are such an amazing woman and have touched so many with your thoughtfulness and your big heart! You are always creating a beautiful piece to honor someone, or something you believe so wholeheartedly in. If I had to name one thing that I am truly grateful for, it would be my children’s health. Recently we have been thru many scares, tests, and alot of worrying over our 11 month old son b/c his head measured off the charts at 6 months old. After a CAT Scan they determined he had fluid on the outside of his brain along with an eye exam that showed no nerve damage or pressure on his brain. Thank goodness! We have to keep going to the neurologists every month to make sure his head hasn’t gotten any larger and I just pray everyday that no brain tumors are going to appear. I’m longing for the day we don’t have to go back to the neurologists and can put all of this behind us. I’m grateful beyond words for healthy children thus far, (fingers crossed!) My heart aches for those that are suffering.
    Take Care,
    Meredith : )

  193. I am grateful for this beautiful city that I live in, Nashville, TN. The people of Nashville, who in the wake of a tremendous flood have shown what they are made of, are some of the most kind, giving, and compassionate people I know. They have pulled together and are making the best of a horrible situation. I am grateful for the Lord’s protection over our family and home during this time!

    Thank you again for another wonderful giveaway.

  194. i am so grateful for how God had worked in my life in amazing ways this year, despite all of my shortcomings. i am also grateful for the sunshine!

  195. I’m grateful for my mom whose shown me that mothering never stops. That you don’t stop helping, loving and praying for your children after they are grown. I’m so blessed to have a mom who is here for me when I need her.

  196. I am so grateful that God gives me another day each and every time I wake up…

    thank YOU for the inspiration and generosity you share with all of us :: truly love your new necklace – three very powerful and moving words I would be proud to wear around my neck 🙂


  197. I’m grateful for the friends who’ve become family and the hearts and lives the Lord has so beautifully entwined with my own. He is GOOD and loving to place us in such community!

  198. With mothers day approaching I’m grateful for the great gift of my two boys. One of them is snuggled up asleep next to me I write this. They make each day so full and fun and exhausting and more loving than I knew would be possible. Hope David is feeling better soon!

  199. *I’m grateful to be alive. (a diagnosis of cancer when I was a 23yo newlywed college student threw my world off completely off kilter & my greatest fear was that I would never live to be a Mom).
    *I’m grateful to be a Mom to three precious children – 2 planned, plus our Bonus Baby. 🙂 It takes my breath away when I realize how close I came to not being here, to not being a Mom.
    *I’m grateful for faith in things bigger than me.
    *I’m grateful that I’ve been able to stay at home with my little ones – even though it meant dropping a lot of things from our budget – I can say that I miss nothing (I miss nothing by spending my time with the kids and I miss none of the material things that we’ve cut back on….it all works out).
    GRATEFUL is my middle name. OK, not really, but it should be. I never forget how blessed I am.

  200. I am grateful for my two children that bless my life each and every day. It is tough being a mama, but I know it is someone that I was born to be, my children are my world and I am grateful for them!

  201. Today I’m grateful for a healthy teenager who’s in a good mood (which these days is a miracle).

    I tried to sponsor a child yesterday through your link, but you need a credit card to do it.

  202. I am so grateful that as a young woman I have family, friends and a God who loves me no matter what! Thank you for your generosity.

    epfaulkner at gmail dot com

  203. Beautiful Photo! I am so grateful for my husband. He understands and loves me and an amazing father to our son.

  204. Seriously, you have to limit me to *one* thing I’m grateful for?!? That’s too hard… 🙂

    Today I’m grateful for *grace* and rest and a little relief from stress…and much, much more!

  205. That is sooo wonderful Lisa! I am putting it on my sidebar and tweeting about it. If I won I would like to donate it to someone like that sweet woman in the picture. I am so grateful for my many many blessings — especially my family.


  206. I would also be blessed to wear this very special necklace. It would bring joy to my neck and to my coworkers who care for critically ill children 12 hours a day as nurses. Best Shauna

  207. I am grateful for every day I wake up, put my feet on the floor and take that first deep breath!
    That and my first cup of coffee make me grateful for being alive! I take the time to appreciate all I have and those who I have to share it with. I am blessed every day! Thank you

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