haircuts and inspiring decor.



have i complained about haircuts before?

for me, it’s a chore right up there with laundry.

i love getting my own haircut, it’s taking the boys that is so tiring.

probably because david screams the whole time.

but the good part is the salon is soooo cute.




it’s called bluebird salon and there are so many creative touches.

i think the owner is part genius.

and speaking of genius, do you know of my real life friend cathe?

she is amazing. check out her post on a kitsch makeover. i’m smitten.




i love this painted buffet.

love love love it.

i dream about it at night.

if it shows up missing, it’s because i stole it.

check out THIS painted buffet. i die. love it.

and one more painted dresser in an entryway. lindsey is so creative.




little birdie touches, books

and some darling wallpaper.

check out melissa’s post on wallpaper. so inspiring!!

and some amazing wooden floors.

oh i love wood floors.




what’s your decorating style?

what’s inspiring you today??


  1. YOU are inspiring. I wish we could get to know each other in real life. Check out photos and writing at my blog and maybe, just maybe you’ll understand why. Do you remember “kindred spirits” from Anne of Green Gables?

  2. My husband and I (we’re newlyweds!) live in a tiny one bedroom apartment filled to the ceiling with books and cats. Most of our decorating style comes from the inspiration from art we’ve collected on our travels. My father was a field journalist and photographer who loved Latin America, and my husband’s family is from Cuba, so we have lots of Latin American pottery, art, prints, and sculpture–well, everywhere! I spent a summer in Spain and another few weeks in Italy, so we’ve got those pieces added to the mix. All of our furniture is secondhand…but our home is a loving, cozy spot, perfect for us.

  3. Hi Lisa, my decorating style is very similar to Margies, except I haven’t managed to actually DO it in our home yet! We have a lovely single storey country style wooden home with a verandah right around it. I ADORE anything remotely French and have managed to create that atmosphere by recovering our two large three seater couches in a stunning botanical fabric with a bit of stunning deep red in the tulips in the fabric, that matches our wood burner which is the focal point of our living room. I’ve just finished painting the walls a glorious warm shade of honey which matches other parts of the fabric too. Gives the room a stunning warm glow! We also have a small chandelier in our dining room (kitchen/dining/living is open plan) and another in the living room. I have big plans for our bedroom which is lovely and cosy and looks out on our woodland garden – yes it will be very FRENCH! Smiles

  4. My decorating style is Old World, Tuscan type decor…I love Fleur de lis, I get inspriation from French Tudor homes…love, love, love that, photography and am finding joy in being around Happy people and their thoughts…your site is very inspiring to me and I have found alot of other blogs and people through you that I really enjoy also! Thanks for the inspiration to venture out and see who else is out there in this big, beautiful, wonderful world we live in! 🙂

  5. I love it too! I am such a fan of things that look vintage and shabby! I am remodeling my place with all that is old, vintage and clean looking. It is a job and not as easy as it sounds but it is worth it to feel like you are home!

    The buffet for sure inspired me but I am on such a “help me I am lost” spot. I don’t know what to blog.

  6. Well, haircuts give me a headache… most probably bc our almost-5-year-old screamed bloody murder any time scissors came near his head for a solid 4 years. The past two visits have been MUCH better – just quiet tears rolling down his face (heart breaking, really) Almost makes we wish for the screams… Oh well, at least we only do this once every six weeks 🙂

  7. I’m right there with you on haircuts… Taking the little boy in the house is not fun and those little guys have to go so often! I’ve decided it’s a daddy/son bonding opportunity. Isn’t that nice of me? Of course, judging from my son’s hair right now, they are well overdue for some guy time!

    Such a cute salon!

  8. I love the painted buffets and dressers too. I’ve always been afraid to “ruin” a wood piece by painting it, but I’ve come to realize that painting a piece of furniture that you don’t really like isn’t ruining it. I’m going to be re-doing my dining room soon – I think I’ll go for some painted pieces.

    Love your blog!

  9. what adorable pics of the boys today! these must have been taken before the “haircuts” – no screaming visible….
    love your blog (oh, live not far from you)

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