have i complained about haircuts before?

for me, it’s a chore right up there with laundry.

i love getting my own haircut, it’s taking the boys that is so tiring.

probably because david screams the whole time.

but the good part is the salon is soooo cute.




it’s called bluebird salon and there are so many creative touches.

i think the owner is part genius.

and speaking of genius, do you know of my real life friend cathe?

she is amazing. check out her post on a kitsch makeover. i’m smitten.




i love this painted buffet.

love love love it.

i dream about it at night.

if it shows up missing, it’s because i stole it.

check out THIS painted buffet. i die. love it.

and one more painted dresser in an entryway. lindsey is so creative.




little birdie touches, books

and some darling wallpaper.

check out melissa’s post on wallpaper. so inspiring!!

and some amazing wooden floors.

oh i love wood floors.




what’s your decorating style?

what’s inspiring you today??