let’s hang out!

i’ve got friends coming to stay this weekend–so excited!

we are planning to swing by the always inspiring stitch market, then on saturday we’ll be over at remnants of the past in nipomo and sunday i’m bringing jewelry and goodies to my absolutely favorite shop ruby rose here in san luis obispo. so exciting! please come hang out–especially at ruby rose. i’ll be there from 12-2pm {and there will be cupcakes i hear!}

right now i’m on the hunt for a bench and some vintage wall art for the boys bathroom. also, i’d love to find a couple more medium sized globes for our living room. are you on the hunt for any special items?


  1. Looking for: Church pew(won’t even post specifications…:)), benches, frames, jars, old children’s books…more…

  2. Lisa! I SO wish I was going to be down there Saturday to meet you!! You are such an inspiring woman!! We are planning on heading down your way {from Palo Alto area} in October for my 30th birthday and I am SO going to have to check out Ruby Rose along with several cute shops you have posted about!!! 🙂

    I have been on the hunt for a thrifting spot near me to find some fun goodies!! I have NO idea where to find one and I really want to find some fun vintage cake plates, vases, drinking glasses….anything fun really for styling events! 🙂

    Elizabeth 🙂

  3. on the hunt for a big, fun, funky frame to make a blackboard out of – for my 4 and 8 yr old girls. needs to be big enough for them both to draw on at the same time – and not too dainty so that it coordinates w/ the play room. and not too expensive that it “breaks the bank”. I don’t want much – do I? 🙂

  4. I LOVE the photos. Oh, Ruby Rose–swoon! It’s Thursday! I must stop by there after work 🙂 I’m emailing you with a new store you will just die over–the owner goes to Remnants and my guess is she’ll have a booth there as she usually does. Our home is almost entirely outfitted by finds I’ve loved from there!

  5. I want to come hang out! Can you send someone to pick me up in Alabama? 🙂
    I will let my sister-n-law know though. She and my brother live in Moro bay and she loves Ruby Rose!

    I am on the hunt for a million things….mis-matched chairs to go with the farmhouse table my husband is building me, new bar stools, an old dresser or hutch with pretty lines that I can repaint and use for storage in my living room!
    Now I just need some time to go thrifting!

  6. On the hunt for a bed for my spare room. That last picture has inspired me to look for something with a bit of a vintage feel!

  7. I love those boots.

    I’m hunting for antique pub chairs. It’s challenging finding a set with character.

  8. What a great weekend you’ve got lined up! We’ve got snow on tap here but that’s ok. We’ve got a new consignment shop to check out and I need two bedside “somethings” to replace the old rickety tables we are currently using… We’ll let it snow and stay warm inside. 😉

  9. This is gonna sound ridiculous, but I’m on the hunt for a set of vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls! I’ve been looking for years, and one of these days…

    Have fun this weekend!

  10. this weekend is one of my favorite antique fests and I’m going to be looking for an antique bird cage and an oval picture frame (to hang over my mirror in my bathroom. Other then that I’m always looking for stuff to use in my art buttons, etc. Oh and I think I’m going to look at antique dollies and table clothes.

  11. Lisa,

    I so wish I was going to be in the San Luis area this weekend! I was in Morro Bay over Spring Break and told my Mom about the show taking place this weekend. Sounds like it is a good one I will be missing! I am participating in our very first Vintage Faire in Omak, Washington where I live…..Praying that there are lots of vendors and that we have a great turnout!

    I fell in love with Ruby Rose……Hope you have a wonderful weekend and lots of people come out to say Hi….


  12. Love these pictures!!! Especially the picture of all those boots!! I am definitely on a boot kick lately, my husband bought me a pair last night for our anniversary today!!!! !8 years together, yeah he certainly gets me :))))

  13. Lisa, I completely adore your blog. It is so sweet and beautiful and it’s like a little bouquet of fresh flowers to me every morning. And I love when you share bits of your family’s story as well. Thank you for the time, authenticity and creativity you put into it!

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