what i wore wednesday

hi friends! time for a little fashion inspiration with lindsey! did you see her new bloom belt–so dang cute!!

above, jeans anthro. polka dot dress, tj maxx. yellow cardi, wedges both target. blessed and lucky necklace.

easter sunday! the boys were in orange and green-so i went with a little color too. dress, boots, both anthro. green cardi, target. rosette necklace allora handmade. molded heart bracelet.

above, jeans, uptown denim {in san luis obispo}, striped top, wedges, both target. same allora handmade necklace {love it with navy!}. molded heart bracelet.

today’s somewhat random question…given the choice between the most amazing chocolate cake or a basket of absolutely incredible french fries, which would you choose? as for me? i’ll the chocolate cake–every time.


  1. You look fabulous in ALL your WIWW pics- Love your style – you are a walking Anthro ad – and I love that you incorporate so much Target in your look!! Love it!!!!! And they way you use a dress as a tunic over jeans with a cardi – genius!

  2. Popping in from V&Co. LOVE your outfits – super cute, especially that dress! And she was totally right, you ARE beautiful!

  3. I love that every outfit you showed has an element of Target in it! Awesome!

    I might pick the french fries over the cake some days. But don’t judge me for it!

    V. sent me over. you are adorable and I love your jewelery and awesome curls!

  4. I love your HAIR! What products do you use? Seriously, if you have a chance, I’d love to know. And I wish there was an anthro near me….

  5. LOVE salty, so french fries hands down! Maybe just a smidge chocolate cake. ; )

    AND I’m loving the green and navy together! My fave color combo right now! : )

  6. i will always choose cake with a cup of tea! love the navy and green combo this week and the giveaway from v&co!

  7. I love the blue dress! Up here in Canada we don’t have that amazing store. Oh well, we are getting Target one of these days. Love your site. Chocolate cake with a tall glass of cold milk.

  8. You are beautiful! Love your fashion sense! The Easter dress is wonderful..
    Chocolate cake, always chocolate.

  9. Had fun browsing thru all the sites – and now decor! It’s been awhile since I’ve browsed the website so this one is new to me, but what fun! and you’ve inspired me to pair my favorite color – dark blue with some bright pops of color – that bright green against navy, never would have done it myself but now I’ve got to try it!

  10. Hi! Stopped by from V & Co…and she is right…you are so dang cute!! As for t he question…this could be tough, but it has been so long since I have had chocolate cake…I have to go for cake. Your jewelry is gorgeous!!

  11. today i would choose the cake…but really isn’t sweet and salty the way to go.

    V and Co brought me to your blog–although I have been hinting at your jewelry for a while.


  12. I love your lovely jewelry and drool over it all the time. Though I spotted your designs on Lindsey at Pleatedpoppy but this time am popping over from V&Co. Its great how you can dress so simple and yet look so lovely. Your hair is gorgeous and I think I’ll take the basket full of fries 🙂

  13. So fun to see your blog, and I love your jewelry! The green necklace you are wearing in these pictures is so awesome too:) I have just been perusing your blog, and read your mothers day post. It absolutely made me cry. You are such a sweet and thoughtful and strong mother.
    So lovely to visit here at your blog:)

  14. While I already follow your blog, I came over from V&Co this time (so far behind in my reader, its not funny).

    I WISH I was such a clever dresser. I’m trying to get better. Hard. I’m just not a risk taker with clothes which is weird because I am at pretty much everything else!

  15. Visiting from V and Co. and just wanted to say
    “You are gorgeous”. Absolutely love your store and everything in it.

  16. Love your website – so many beautiful things!!! And what a choice – fries or cake. Definately the cake today!!

  17. The top outfit (navy dress) is my all time favorite outfit since I’ve been reading your blog! LOVE it!

    Definitely fries for me – they are my fav food! 🙂

  18. Chocolate cake ALWAYS wins, handsdown! Love your beaqutiful creations and your beautiful self. I appreciate your amazing designs and talent. Very gratefully yours, Luba

  19. Hi, I had so much fun checking out your blog. I particularly loved your posts about when your boys were born and being a mother. So many surprises both wonderful and a little scary. I was sent by V&Co and love your jewelry. Thanks!

  20. I am such a cake girl, my fav! Plus it was my b’day yesterday so I did indulge in choc cake 🙂
    Love your outfits as always Lisa. You are such an inspiration with your sense of style!

  21. Thanks for the V&co giveaway! I so want to go shopping with you – or maybe just have you go shopping for me! I’d say fries, but probably only because I’ve already had some good chocolate muffins, so that quota has been filled better!

  22. I just found your blog and I couldn’t resist answering this question. FRENCH FRIES! I can’t live without them. 🙂

  23. I love your style Lisa and envy your curly hair. My curly hair is similar…just a bit more unruley 🙂 Any tips or secrets on products you use??

    Oh and for sure chocolate cake!!

  24. I love your Easter outfit… the boots and dress paired with the green looks amazing. I will be heading over to anthro next. 🙂

    Apparently I am in the minority, but my choice would be fries. I take salty over sweet every time… I know, I’m broken.

  25. Handmade french fries would be awesome! I’d love the cake too, but have to choose perfect fries. Love your jewelry & how personal it is!

  26. Three more home run outfits. You’re adorable!

    I’m with you on the chocolate cake! Next time you’re down in SoCal let me know and you can stop by for a thick, moist, delicious slice!! 🙂

  27. WOW I love this blog and your carefree way with it. I have to say I can’t wait to get over to your shop and order some gifties. I love the rosette necklace and recognized it right away. I’m off to do some more browsing on your blog. Have a wonder*filled day.

  28. You have such cute style! I love all the jewelry you make and your blog is adorable, I love the coloring on all the photos. You have a beautiful family

  29. I love the green necklace in the bottom two pictures- it’s ace!

    I think your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so beautiful and elegant, but also really cute at the same time 🙂

  30. i love your what i wore wednesday posts, you always look fabulous. visiting from v and co.’s blog, thanks for the chance to win a little something.

  31. Hi, I’m here from V and Co….Your style and jewelry are both wonderful. You know how to dress and pull the look off too!! Wish I had that talent 🙂

  32. Hi, just visiting from VandCo. you have the cutest shop, I absolutely love it! I found it a few months back and since then have been leaving, ya know ‘subtle’, hints;) to my husband for a few necklaces for Mom’s Day:)

  33. I love love chocolate cake! Lisa, you are beautiful inside and out. I so love your style! I’m going to look some of this up. I need fashion help!

  34. I just read your post about your little David. What a sweet boy. You are so lucky. I feel lucky, too, to have a special boy as well. I thought life could never be full & beautiful when he was born but MY, how I’ve learned!!!

    Thank you for sharing him.

    Love, Bree
    PS: my WORD, you are talented!
    PPS: chocolate cake

  35. I love chocolate sheet cake, but french fries sound so amazing right now…Who am I kidding? I would SO eat both!

  36. hi lisa – how are you eating chocolate cake or a basket of absolutely incredible french fries and still look so great?? whats your secret? Please do tell! to answer the question… love chocolate, but i love sweet potatoes fries even more 🙂

  37. I’d be all over the fries…no question. And as always, adorable outfits! I’ve decided I must have a yellow cardi, and I’m trying to decide if I could wear the wedges…hmm.

  38. French fries! Especially if they are from In&Out! But, I do love me some chocolate cake. Especially frozen. (I know, weird, but seriously so, so, so good.)

  39. Chocolate cake, for sure! And you dress just so fabulously. If I lived closer to you, I would insist you be my shopping assistant and lay out my clothes for the week. =)

  40. thanks for the V and Co giveaway! love your amazing creations. mmm…chocolate cake and french fries, that’s a hard one. french fries might win.

  41. I am grinning at your combination of foods! hmmm, right at this minute it would be the french fries……… I also love to dip them in vanilla milkshakes……..

  42. I’d have to pick French fries, not big on chocolate. If it were a choice between raspberry or lemon & fries, fries wouldn’t stand a chance!

  43. Chocolate cake. Mmmm…. chocolate always wins. But some killer french fries would be more than welcome.

  44. Popping over from V and Co… and LOOOOVE the outfits. I have a yellow cardigan similar and it’s my new go-to look. I’ve been on the search for a thinly striped maternity shirt..

  45. I’d rather have both the french fries AND the cake. But if I have to choose, I’d probably take the fries! Have a good day.

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