huckleberry market {love}

Hey there! I have inspiration to share today! We’ve got a new floral + gift shop here in San Luis Obispo and it’s nothing short of lovely. It’s full of texture, light and color–so that means it’s full of my favorite things! Take a look…

They’ve taken over Ruby Rose’s old space and made it fantastically new.

Succulents make my heart sing!

It’s such a light-filled space.

Wouldn’t these library cards make adorable gift tags?

Paper, ribbon and scissors–what else do you need?

The shop is owned by Karen and Carla {that’s Karen above} and it’s beautiful. If you live near San Luis Obispo, or pass through, you must stop in! You can follow Huckleberry Market on Facebook and Instagram. They also do creative gatherings. So fun!

What’s inspiring you today?


  1. Oh, I just love all the space!

    Yesterday I was checking out a new curly hair salon, and there is a very British looking row of townhomes around the corner. They’re old, and I’ve passed them a million times. This was the first time I was on foot and could see into their long, skinny courtyard: each door is painted a different bright color, which just pops on a pretty drab-colored building. I loved finding that surprise of inspiration!

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