book covers

i’m sprucing up our mantle for spring {more pics to come!}

i wanted some bright colors to welcome spring so i covered some of my vintage books with with paper from michaels. i’ll stack the books on the mantle to add interest and height.

making book covers took me back to junior high and high school when we had to cover our textbooks. i used brown grocery bags {inside out} and then i’d doodle and decorate the bookcover. i’d write my name in big puffy bubble letters with hearts and clouds. oh, and i loved decorating my locker too. good times!

did you cover your textbooks or decorate your locker in high school?!


  1. Yes, we had to cover our textbooks, too, in highschool. I preferred brown paper grocery bags, as well. 🙂

    We didn’t have lockers; I attended a small school. I always wanted them, though. 🙂

  2. of course used bags for book covers. what a great place to write your name and the name of the favorite boy at the time..Mrs. ….!!! insid my locker in jr high were pics of the BEATLES!! oh yeah!!! :^)

  3. Yes — covering the textbooks — totally did it!

    Though one year I had gotten my hands on a roll of plaid “seconds” wallpaper, so all of my books were covered with that. Totally preppy of me at the time!

    We also decorated our lockers. Fun times!

  4. Haha…hadn’t thought of that in years!! I too, used brown paper bags. Can’t wait to see the mantle pics, you are such an inspiration;)

  5. Totally decorated my textbooks. It was required to have them covered at our school, so I made sure to make mine as B-E-A-utiful as I could! Totally cute how you spruced up those books!

  6. Yes! I especially remember my Marky Mark centerfold from YM magazine in my locker. Calvin Klein briefs. Ha!

    Looking at these photos makes me realize how much influence your style has had upon my home and wardrobe since I began reading your blog religiously two years ago! The books made me think of our shelves, which have zero of the dust jackets on now since I always love how yours look without them! Now our shelves look fancy and “smart.” Thanks!

  7. OH, what a fun memory …. making book covers out of brown paper bags! And what a great way to change things up around the house 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. I also used to doodle on my grocery bag covered books. I was never any good at bubble letters but I did express my love for Duran Duran! =)

  9. Love the covered books. In fact you should write something fun in bubble letters just to relive those days. I remember the days of brown bag book covers–however I have little creativity to decorate them with anything other than hearts or stars 🙂 Now I am back in Grad School and want to cover my books just to kick it old school!

  10. I guess I went to school too long ago to have to do that or we had old books and they didn’t care but I don’t remember doing that for my books. But I did do it for my children. I have 6 and the two girls enjoyed covering their books but I have to admit I covered my boys books. They couldn’t care how the cover looked or if it even stayed on so “mother” to the rescue and their books looked great!!

  11. To look at those books….makes me happy! I totally remember decorating books in Jr/Sr High School! We had to use paper bags from the grocery store! Ha!

    I love all of your ideas Lisa!

  12. cute idea, lisa!

    i had more time invested in my puffy clouds, hearts, and bubble letters when i finished school than i did in my actual assignments! 🙂

  13. Love the way the books look! Yes I used brown paper bags doodled with I love….FOREVER… and Mrs…. lol. Nowadays teachers like for students to use the store bought kind but my daughter used bags and loved how you could draw on them and then change them out after a messy break up. Good times, good memories. 😀

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