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mantle makeover

April 7th | decorating

it was time to lighten up for spring. color is making me so happy right now!

and this pennant banner is rocking my world. so sweet.

i told you in the last post about covering some vintage books with colorful paper. so dang simple but it really brightens the mantle and makes is spring-y!

here’s our mantle from last summer {above}. lots of stretched canvases. clean and simple.

and for christmas i went with lots of vintage-y tree and bulbs.

for valentine’s day i spray painted the owls aqua and added red hearts.

that green mirror was a thrift store find {already painted the perfect shade!} and it was the inspiration for our spring mantle. hmmm, what should our next mantle makeover be?!

my mantle tends to be the place i like to decorate seasonally. is there a spot in your home you like to decorate and redecorate?

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  1. Wendy says:

    Covering books with paper – BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Oh my word. So cute. I love the idea of switching it up with the seasons. You are so talented. I could never have thought of that myself, but I can sure copy it!

  3. Robyn says:

    My mantle is in desperate need of a makeover. I have a few pieces as placeholders currently. Family is coming in town next weekend. I guess I better tackle that next.

    Love you mantle. The bunnies are cute without being folksy. Of course, I love the family pennant.

  4. debbie says:

    I typically update my mantle as well – but certainly not as elaborately as you have done /and do. You inspire me to do more than just sit my 3 easter bunnies up there. I always update the front door and the small flag out front seasonally too.

  5. teresa says:

    Oh how I miss my mantle in the little cottage in Alabama!
    Let me see-where do I begin!
    LOVE the spray painted owls!
    LOVE that you covered the vintage books with colorful paper! {I am so doing that!}
    LOVE the “family” banner! {you know I LOVE that!}
    And…LOVE love love that you fill your HOME with so many sweet things!
    Love the GREEN mirror too!
    LOve your world…and LOVE you~

  6. Nancy says:

    Haven’t changed my mantel in far too long. Yours is lovely as always! Keep showing us all your creative ideas. I change my decor on my kitchen counter tops rather often. Sounds weird but I hate looking at the same stuff over and over. I love finding new mini lamps, art propped up on little easels and different photoes of my kids in frames. Never been one to have all kitchen stuff in there.

  7. Kelly says:

    So lovely! I am in love with the covered books – must try that soon!

  8. Erin says:

    In the process of making over mine as well. Love the idea of covering books in fun and colorful paper. Scored a cute yellow and cream birdhouse today from Hobby Lobby as my inspiration today. Thanks!

  9. melody says:

    i absolutely adore that green mirror and you are right, the spring paper on the books is so very cheery!!!

  10. Oh it looks so fun and springy! I love the color scheme and the mirror especially :) My problem is, I don’t have a fireplace to put a mantle above… I’ve been toying with the idea of just putting up a mantle anyways and having fun. We will have to see how brave I can get.
    Enjoy your lovely easter mantle!

  11. Sarah-Anne says:

    our kitchen is def. the room that gets the makeover, along with the dining room table and {of course} our mantle!! 😀

  12. Renae says:

    so sweet, simple, colorful… and Springy! I love it.
    I like to change this around in the kitchen, the dinning room table, and my ‘mama’ room, it’s my go to room when I just need to breath and relax.

  13. Helen says:

    I LOVE IT! I love the colors, and the mirror and the banners. Oh, and the tree branches. I snagged some branches and stashed them in my garage for birthday party decor. I love them on the mantle too. Great Job.

  14. it looks beautiful! love that green mirror, what a great find!

  15. Erin Leigh says:

    Oh my gosh, Lisa, love these ideas. love the paper covered books: Simple, easy, almost free. and the mantle pics. i need all the help i can get with mantles. You need to be a pottery barn photo stylist… in yoru free time. seriously creative & cute.

  16. Glen says:

    Hi Lisa. This is my first visit to your blog. I found it from Tara Whitney’s links and I am loving the different looks you have created with your mantle. *Ü* Maybe a Halloween mantle would be a good idea for later in the year. TFS. ~Glen~

  17. Gina says:

    Cute ideas, Lisa. I love the aqua owls the most. I tend to leave my mantle as is, most of the time, but love to change it up for Fall, Christmas, and Spring. I mainly keep the china cabinet seasonally up to date. It’s easy to add touches to it, and the glass doors means my baubles and treasures are safe!

  18. Love just everything..

    love it when we do some changes as season change.
    fun ans refresh same time!

  19. Happily discovered your blog. You are an inspiring woman, and I just love the book idea!

  20. JD in Canada says:

    I love the touches that speak “home” to the heart, Lisa — beautiful!

    It makes me wish our fireplace mantle was deeper, so that we had a little more options with it. Perhaps we’ll change that at some point. For now, the top of our piano is the only thing that seasonally changes, but I’d also like to re-do the top of my armoire in the master bedroom. I’m decoratively challenged… *hangs head* 😀

  21. Katie says:

    Your mantle looks fabulous and perfect for spring! I usually update the top of our antique organ… far too often! It’s such a simple way to update a room – and it’s fun to shop in my own home!

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