how to arrange grocery store flowers

almost every week i pick up a bunch of flowers from the grocery store. usually it’s a $5 bouquet of daisies, but this week, these roses caught my eye.

the bouquet was $9.99. not too bad for such big, beautiful roses.

i got out some jars–vintage, recycled jam jars, anything works.

i filled the jars 3/4 full and cut the stems so the roses just peek out of the top.

super simple and so lovely! 5 little bouquets for under $10. and lots of inspiration!

do you ever splurge on grocery store flowers?


  1. lovely! i’ve been splurging on grocery store flowers pretty much weekly now that it’s spring. they make me so happy! i also break bouquets up into vintage jars. great minds think alike! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminder that a whole bouquet doesn’t have to go in one vase. I love the idea of the smaller jars and spreading the little indulgence all over the house (or in my case, apartment)! Sometimes it’s the little things that make a house a home. 🙂

  3. I buy a boquet of flowers every week at the grocery store! 🙂 I keep them in a large milkglass pitcher until they start dying a bit. Then, I trim up the good ones and put them in little pewter budd vases around the house. I try to keep them as long as possible! 🙂

  4. I used to buy flowers every Friday when I lived in Korea. They have flower stands on every corner and the way they wrapped them was like a work of art! Since returning to North America, where they are much more expensive (even at the grocery store), I only splurge occasionally. Perhaps it’s time to indulge again, just because…

  5. about once a month or so I splurge on flowers – usually those mini lillies (not sure what they’re REALLY called). in fact, might have to do that tomorrow.

  6. Love these! The roses look so vintage. I love your idea of putting them in jars – I do that too!
    I do splurge on grocery store flowers…every other Friday I get something that is just too pretty to pass up, and they usually last about a week to a week and a half!

  7. All the time! I love having fresh flowers in the house. Right now I have two bunches of $5 yellow tulips on my kitchen table.

  8. Absoulutly !! Enjoying the Trader Joes daffidols right now and at 1.29 for a little bunch I can share the joy with others too ! They make me smile !

  9. P.S. I also buy TJ’s cinnamon rolls…made your hearts last weekend, my family loved them. Thank you!

  10. Beautiful roses, Lisa! I also splurge weekly on flowers, even if I only spend a few dollars. They breathe so much life into your home, don’t they? I love Trader Joe’s — especially the daffodils you can get for a steal right now. I bought some the other day, they’re making me very happy on my dining table and by my kitchen window. Pure sunshine! The local farmstand has sweet peas right now…I want to head over today to get some. Wish I could send some your way! Hope you have a lovely day.

  11. always. they are worth every dime. i arrange them in a simple julep cup or old mason jar. they make sure a positive impact.

  12. oh yes! i buy flowers at least once a month. and usually a bunch for my friend who takes me shopping. we DESERVE fresh flowers! they make me smile when i see them on my dining room table. plus my grandsons get to see them and learn the names of some.

  13. How pretty.

    Alas, my partner doesn’t like flowers (he gets sad when they die, soppy thing that he is <3), so we rarely have them in the house. I love when we do though!


  14. I love the flowers at Trader Joe’s: often buy bunches to brighten up my own home and to share with friends

  15. Several years ago my New Years Resolution was to always have fresh flowers in the house. Grocery day now is always accompanied by some lovely spider mums or a couple of bright gerbs or in the spring tulips. $5 or $6 bucks is all it takes and often they last two weeks.

  16. Very pretty! I always tell my husband I would rather him grab me a bouquet like that from the grocery than to order flowers. I love arranging them in my own jars.

  17. i’m always tempted by grocery store tulips…my husband is dutch and we had tulips at our wedding, so they have a special place in my heart! they usually last a good while so i feel they are worth it! 🙂

  18. Hi Lisa, my husband often calls into a local flower grower (a friend too) and we get 5 x 5stems of alstroemeria (peruvian lily) for NZ$15, so cheap! I love arranging them in a tall purple vase I have. I also love picking flowers from my garden but have to say I’m not terribly good at arranging flowers. I love your idea of jam jars etc.
    That rose looks like a pillar rose I have in my garden ”Pierre de Ronsard”, just stunning! Hugs

  19. i used to work at safeway when i was in high school and was always surprised at how men (or women for that matter) wouldn’t want to spend $15 or so on flowers for someone. it wasn’t until i had my own family and my own money to consider that i finally understood how much $15 is when it gets spent on flowers!! i haven’t bought any in a long while, but have been eyeing the tulips!

  20. those are so cute!
    i treat myself to flowers regularly. they make me happy and really add a happy touch to the room. i usually get the clearance flowers for myself and sometimes my sweet husband comes home with flowers for me, too!
    soon lilacs will be blooming (my favorite) and i can’t wait to fill the house with them!

  21. I love this post. I’ve been treating myself to more flowers lately (usually from my weekly stop at Trader Joe’s). I try to buy the longest lasting ones I can find. I love the way you have styled yours–so pretty!

    Lisa, I find you so inspiring in general. Your posts and the way you live your life are so uplifting. And I love that you’re a breakfast girl. Hooray for fun breakfasts! We had cinnamon rolls this morning, inspired by you.

  22. they are sweet! i buy myself flowers almost every single week at the grocery store – they have a florist section that has a nice selection of flowers and plants. this week i bought 2 pots of hyancinths (they are just starting to bloom today and smell beautiful!) and 2 pots of yellow pansies to put on my front porch. i started buying myself flowers about 15 years ago and it is my favourite indulgence – that and a good cappuccino from the coffee house around the corner!

  23. I love roses and the touch of pink in them is so pretty! I’ve never seen ones quite like this. They look great Lisa! I don’t do it often, but when I’m having a rough go I have been known to pick up a pink bouquet.

  24. Yes, a weekly must on my grocery list as well. The only thing I try to do is buy flowers monochromatic in colour. I personally find they look more elegant when they’re all from the same colour family. I also use soup cans covered in scrapbooking paper as vases, too! Love it!

    1. what a great idea – soup cans covered in scrapbook paper! – I can totally do that – and its ‘Green’ too. thanks for sharing this idea.

  25. I agree, from the yard IS even better!

    Love these images Lisa! I hope you don’t mind if I use one for the background on my laptop. So lovely : )

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