evening walk in morro bay

Last week we took an evening walk towards the ocean in Morro Bay. There’s a great path that begins at Cloisters Park and ends at the ocean–great for scooters, too!

I love that evening light. We are trying to soak up every bit of these long summer days that we can!

How about some hellos for a Monday?

Hello family in town. Hello full house and lots of kiddos.

Hello zoo camp. Matthias and his cousins Torie and Lexie and learning all kinds of things this week!

Hello getting ready for camping this weekend.

Hello happy David. He’s been so healthy–even avoiding a cold that went through our home. I’m so thankful!

Hello lots of fun things happening in the workshop. We’ve been busy filling orders and planning for fall/winter.

Hello Christmas in July! I LOVE this!

Hello planting some pretty flowers for our porch.

Hello thinking about getting healthy–but eating way to many sweets.

Hello brand new week! Hello friends–are you ready for a new beginning?

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  1. Hi Lisa!

    Your family is charming, the pictures you take and share with the world are so bright, positive and really unforgettable! And yes, you are an amazing, special, sparkling with optimism and radiance person. I am sure this good spirit spreads to all your readers and friends. I think that indeed, it depends on us, if we are choosing to find beauty and joy even in stressful and hard moments of our life. Keep on going this path with joy! God bless!

  2. Lisa,
    Love your jewelry. Question, I’d like a necklace for my 10 year old niece that is in the play, Wizard of Oz. I wanted it to say “break a leg.” Is that something that you could do. I’m not on facebook or twitter and didn’t see an e-mail for you, so I’m trying to reach you this way. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Cheryl! Yes, we can definitely do a custom piece that says ‘break a leg’. Contact customer service if you need more ideas {customer service at lisa leonard online dot com} or check out this design–http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/mini-open-circle-necklace-P396C104.aspx

  3. look forward to checking in with you each Monday, Lisa…have a beautiful week and thanks for the fun Christmas in July treats sale — I nabbed some goodies for my baby niece…xxoo

  4. I’m a new reader (via Greeblemonkey) and instead of lurking I’ll just come right out and say “Hello!” Loving meeting your family through pictures here and on Instagram (suewalsh). And I’m just back to blogging myself. We have 7 yo and 2 yo boys … and I’m just finding my feet again after raising a second baby to toddlerhood. So hi – and happy Monday! Hope you have a great week.

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