don’t forget to focus the beauty! {hummingbirds}

I was searching for inspiration a couple days ago and I thought instead of looking elsewhere, I would look in our own backyard. We’ve had lots of hummingbirds visiting these days and they are so sweet. I put my long lens on my camera and went out to sit in the sunshine and wait for them. Soon one came by and I snapped away. Then another came along.

As I sat in the sunshine I felt thankful–and aware that I almost missed this moment. In the busyness of the day I don’t want to forget to notice the beauty. I believe there are bits of it everywhere. Even in the brokenness, there is beauty to be found. Will you look for bits of beauty with me?


  1. hummingbirds always remind me of my Nana and sometimes when I see one, it lightens up my heart thinking of her nearby.

    Could a hummingbird be coming soon to a design??

  2. I just love those little hummers. They always astound me at how tiny, yet tough and agile they are. God truly has magnificent design! I hope these hummingbirds inspired you to make a new Hummingbird design necklace or bracelet. I’ll be the first customer to order one!

  3. yes, I will look with you! I just love “even in the brokeness there is beauty…” that is so true. And I would add in the pain and saddness, there is peace and joy to be found!

    I am wearing my “from up here” necklace, its one of my favorites – a good reminder to slow down and get a different view of things!


  4. I love hummingbirds. My grandma loves them and they remind me of my Mom who passed away suddenly 2 years ago. She loved them too! I’ve always wondered how to get good pictures of them. What kind of lens did you use here?

    1. I used a 55-200mm nikon lens and it’s great for capturing action shots. I love that they remind you of your mom. xx

  5. The photos are beautiful – it is quite amazing that something so small can make such an impact as the hummingbird – going from flower to flower and making things beautiful even by his simple act of work and survival. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty that is always there if we just stop and look 🙂

  6. I love it! Shannon has recently taken a real interest in hummingbirds, and we put up a feeder in the back yard. So far we’ve only had two customers, but hoping they word gets out in hummingbird social circles. 🙂

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