project: create a special meal

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hello sweet friends. i’m at blissdom! so good to be here. i can’t wait to share it with you all. i’ve prepared this post in advance–hope you get inspired!

so many of you shared that your valentine’s day plans included preparing¬† a special meal for your family and i think that is a super sweet idea! so valentine’s morning i’m planning to make cinnamon rolls and eggs. yum!

i went to the dollar store and found these large foil hearts that i’ll use for the placemats, white doilies for layering and then some glitter hearts to string around the napkins. so sweet and simple!

we have a some flowers in our yard so i’ll snip one or two and put them in a little vase.

but the most meaningful part will be a little love note at each place setting. so many things i want to say to each of my boys. david is so determined, matthias is so creative and loving, steve is so hard-working and takes good care of me. so i’ll fill the notes with these little thoughts. it got me thinking, this doesn’t just have to be for valentines–it would be fun anytime!

are you planning a special meal for valentines day? how do you set the table? do you have any creative ideas to share?


i {heart} sally loo’s!

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it seems like i keep hearing about sally loo’s coffee shop here in san luis obispo. so today i stopped by to check it out. and yep, it’s darling! plus, i ran into a bunch of friends, too!

love the bright green door.

love the cozy fireplace and comfy chairs.

oh that bagel looks sooo delicious. my mouth is watering!

and i love that old dresser {seems like most little girls had one like that!}

yum. just yum.

hand-sculpted little birdies. not for sale? but i need!!

funky lamp next to awesome leather couch plus paper cranes equals awesomeness!

sally loo, i {heart} you!!

go visit them-next to SLO train station. and follow them on twitter {@sallyloos}


do you have a favorite local coffee shop in your town?


You should definitely cook this ! {apple blackberry cobbler}

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this super easy cobbler is a big hit around here.

it’s just three basic ingredients-fruit, a box of white cake mix and a stick of butter.

i’ve seen similar recipes–i just changed mine slightly!

1. i use an apple peeler/corer/slicer and cut up about 5 apples.

2. sprinkle cinnamon over apples

3. i used frozen blackberries (2 packages)

4. cover with one box of dry, white cake mix

5. slice up one cube of butter and place over the top

6. bake at 350* for about 45 minutes or until golden brown.

what’s your favorite winter dessert?


adorable coffee shop in birmingham and organizing thoughts

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Hi friends! David is doing so well. Mostly he wants to run around and we’re trying to make him lie in bed. Last night he ate pureed roasted chicken and applesauce (which he loved!!). This morning his chest x-ray came back a little fuzzy on the left lung-so they are looking into that. Overall, we are great, just tired. I’m off to get a big coffee!!

Here are some pics from urban standard coffee shop in Birmingham. It was a highlight of the trip!




have i ever mentioned…{ at my favorite local coffee shop}

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that i really really like coffee?

i was scrolling through my pics find image after image

of yummy coffee at fun places around town.

love it!

* * *

we are in birmingham, alabama

after a cancelled flight, driving 2 hours to a different airport

waiting and waiting and waiting some more.


i’m a little tired, but happy to be here!

and if you are in the area, please come hang out with us today.

details here.

* * *

ok, you’re at your favorite local coffee shop.

what do you order?


chilie peppers

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we had lunch yesterday at one of our favorite little mexican restaurants.

steve had a carnitas burrito

i had a veggie burrito

matthias had a chicken burrito

(david had soy yogurt and veggies, boo for a blended food diet!)

and of course, you have to have a coke with mexican food.

* * *

what’s your favorite thing to order?



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can you see my friend’s kiddo in the top of the pic?

he has a smile that lights up an entire room.




and i love how he’s eyeing the chocolates.

{don’t worry, daniel. i sneak chocolate all the time!}

* * *

have a wonderful fourth of july weekend, friends!

david turns 8 on sunday. {insane!}. pics to follow!!


yummy + inspiring.

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i promised lots and lots more pics from the weekend.

love all these sweet brooches from whimsy on 7th in carpinteria.




farmer’s market is such a treat for the eyes

and mouth!

i had the most delicious blackberries EVER!




coffee tops my list for yummy and inspiring.




whimsy on 7th is filled with yummy inspirations.

chrissie bought that grocery sign in the first pic.

a huge seahorse like this would be perfect in my imaginary beach house.




unmade beds, with white sheets, sunlight streaming in and a mid-day nap.

so yummy, so inspiring.




i love this chandelier with coral (or something like that).

i love all white.

i love neutrals.

and i love color.

i’m indecisive, i guess.




beautiful berries.

this picture makes my mouth water.

this picture represents summertime.




what’s inspiring you today?

please share!


oh, yum.

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matthias, david and i made cupcakes yesterday.

matthias likes to pour all the ingredients into the bowl.

david likes to help me hold the electric mixer.

i like to eat the finished product (a little too much).




for the toppers, we melted starbursts in the microwave.

it only takes about 10 seconds to get them nice and soft.

i used ‘pam’ on the plate to keep them from sticking.

then we use tiny cookie cutters (mine are from sur la table) to cut out shapes.




let the shapes sit for a few minutes and they firm up again.

try to restrain yourself from munching on the shapes

but feel free to munch on the leftover starbursts after the shapes are cut out.




i have a feeling there could be some really creative things you could make with cut outs.

but the most fun part?

eating the cupcakes of course!!

* * *

is your mouth watering?  mine is!