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i {heart} sally loo’s!

December 9th | finding love, food & goodies, san luis obispo

it seems like i keep hearing about sally loo’s coffee shop here in san luis obispo. so today i stopped by to check it out. and yep, it’s darling! plus, i ran into a bunch of friends, too!

love the bright green door.

love the cozy fireplace and comfy chairs.

oh that bagel looks sooo delicious. my mouth is watering!

and i love that old dresser {seems like most little girls had one like that!}

yum. just yum.

hand-sculpted little birdies. not for sale? but i need!!

funky lamp next to awesome leather couch plus paper cranes equals awesomeness!

sally loo, i {heart} you!!

go visit them-next to SLO train station. and follow them on twitter {@sallyloos}


do you have a favorite local coffee shop in your town?

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  1. valerie says:

    Oh that looks like my kind of place to sit and relax with a friend over a cup of coffee. Love places like that. I wish I was closer to SLO to visit. Maybe next time I’m up that way.

  2. The Old California Coffee Company in San Marcos is amazing and oh so cute… You would love it Lisa!

  3. Katy says:

    i kind of think the person in that pic is my good good friend tim?

  4. georgia lambright says:

    Love the birds and can’t wait to see more of your site

  5. Oh… I would never leave there…

  6. Becky K. says:

    I’m going to visit my sister next week in Atascedero…maybe we’ll have to stop by SLO for a yummy cup of coffee…plus you’re previous posts have made me want to check out the Pleated Poppy, too.

  7. sarita says:

    i take the coast starlight train to oregon – one of our longest stops is in SLO!!! too bad it’s too short to go get some coffee from sally loo’s – wonder if i called ahead they would deliver to the train!! :) i LOVE the lovely scent of flowers at that train station.

  8. Looks darling! I used to live just over the bridge from the train station, wish it had been there then!
    Here in my area we have a lovely coffee/tea house called Pannikin. It;s my fave. :)

  9. Jen manuele says:

    Sweet Lisa! Thank you so much for featuring us on your beautiful blog! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  10. jamie says:

    me too lisa! hi! how are you? good i hope :) jamie~

  11. desiree says:

    our favorite coffee shop closed a year and a half ago…. we are still on the search for a new favorite. and i am still uber bummed nothing beats a great coffee shop.

  12. Tamara says:

    Yes I do….and it’s Sally Loo’s…too!! :)

  13. sunny says:

    I do have a favorite one! Milwaukee Street Traders.
    here are the interior photos – from their facebook page.

    leather couches, fireplaces, a kids corner, gelato, coffee drinks, great scones. and I don’t even work there! it’s just a cute place :)

  14. Linda says:

    My favorite place to hang out drink coffee and visit with friends is at Kelly’s in Cayucos.

  15. Hannah Hoover says:

    Oh I wish places like that existed up here in Alaska! Looks like a wonderful place for a book and good cup of coffee. By the way, my friend a very talented potter makes very similar birds and you CAN buy them, Happy Day to you!

  16. Denise says:

    My favorite coffee shop is The Coffee Cove in Grover Beach. It is a really cute shop with the nicest girls and they make the best chai chargers ever!

  17. Nicole says:

    Oh my can you bring that coffee shop to Kansas??? I haven’t found a cute cozy coffee shop like that here yet but there is a Scooters by my place that has comfy oversized chairs and live music. So that would be the closest thing.

  18. Christina says:

    Lisa I totally had that dresser when I was kid.

    We have a sweet coffee place here called Coffee Hound, but I am seriously partial to Starbucks.

  19. Tetcy says:

    Tim Horton’s with a girlfriend! I need birdies toooooo, so cute!

  20. angie says:

    This looks like a very cute place! Unfortunately, I don’t have a “hip” coffee place, other than a favorite Starbucks location. : )

  21. Jennifer says:

    looks like an amazing place!! :)

  22. Angela says:

    What a great little coffee shop! I love the name, too. Makes me think of The Grinch at this time of year (Cindy Loo Hoo). We have a few Crane Coffee shops in my town & just recently when my internet was on the fritz I took my laptop there, grabbed a vanilla latte and sat right by the stove fireplace and felt nice and toasty! I was surrounded by studying college students with earbuds in, laptops on and texting all at the same time!

  23. that looks like a definite stop on my list! thanks for sharing 😉

  24. Mignon says:

    The birds were done by my daughter Hannah when she was 7, and it’s impossible to part with them. those at Sally Loo’s are part of a set of 30 birds that she did and they now belong to her grandmother. You can see more of her ceramics here:

    Thank you for posting that picture, she was very tickled!

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