oh, yum.



matthias, david and i made cupcakes yesterday.

matthias likes to pour all the ingredients into the bowl.

david likes to help me hold the electric mixer.

i like to eat the finished product (a little too much).




for the toppers, we melted starbursts in the microwave.

it only takes about 10 seconds to get them nice and soft.

i used ‘pam’ on the plate to keep them from sticking.

then we use tiny cookie cutters (mine are from sur la table) to cut out shapes.




let the shapes sit for a few minutes and they firm up again.

try to restrain yourself from munching on the shapes

but feel free to munch on the leftover starbursts after the shapes are cut out.




i have a feeling there could be some really creative things you could make with cut outs.

but the most fun part?

eating the cupcakes of course!!

* * *

is your mouth watering?  mine is!


  1. what an awesome idea! could also do it on top of cookies – as long as there is icing. ooh – I’m gonna try that when I bake for easter this weekend.

    and I got my family tree necklace last week that I ordered from here. I absolutely love it!! thanks so much!

  2. What a great idea, I never would have thought of it! However, I’m afraid to try it because then I’ll be eating them – ha! I so enjoy checking out your blog daily and appreciate your creativity!

  3. Love this idea! We do something like this every St Pattys Day….I roll out green gumdrops, the big ones, using extra sugar on the counter, and then cut out shamrock shapes and use them on cupcakes to send to school….the kids love them.
    As for the starbursts, in family fun magazine they have a project where you use them to make food for Aprils Fools day, peas and carrots and other things….very cute, I would like to try that this year!

  4. Love, love the idea of starburst cupcake toppers! Too clever — I’m going to try it. Thank you for sharing. We recently melted down Jolly Rancher candy and made the most gorgeous and yummy lollipops for a fundraiser.

  5. wow! i never would have thought of the starburst thing… that’s so clever! i will definitely be using that, i work in the kitchen at a kid’s facility, they’ll love this.

  6. OOOOOOHHHHHHH YUM!!! I have been longing to make cupcakes for so long…. I just never seem to get the time in the kitchen! Too much gardening and creating to do.. I must make the effort as these look absolutely divine! About to have a cup of tea – where’s my cupcake?? Sob!

  7. Great idea!!
    I’m waiting on pins and needles to receive the newsletter with a great coupon that you mentioned a few days ago! 😉

  8. OMGoodness Lisa!
    If that’s not the cutest cutting those hearts out of STARBURST!!! yeah!
    Those cupcakes look like my favorite kind of cupcake…
    good and HOMEMADE!!!!
    Nothing like HOMEMADE cupcakes! ;o)
    Just posted about the giveaway! yeah!
    Oh so delighted to feature Lisa Leonard Designs!
    I do hope you’ll pop over Lisa!
    You are BEAMING on BAINBRIDGE!!!! xxooxx
    I’m leaving this post up FOREVER and ever! ;o)
    Thanks again Sweet Lisa!
    Hugs to the boys! xo

  9. Yummo! Maybe I should just break out and do this w/ my girls. They’d love it. My diet, not so much. Do you make yours homemade or box mix? I have a friend who makes wonderful homemade gourmet ones…don’t know how she comes up w/ all her flavors…the choco peanut butter is my fav so far. www. torilynscupcakes.com. ….But for now, I’ll think I’ll go w/ vanilla, vanilla and make my life easier!

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