God made light

Have you heard of God Made Light? It’s been all over the internet lately. It’s a new children’s book, and you guys, it is beautifully written and full of truth.

It talks about how God made light and God made YOU. It’s poetic and moving–I started crying, especially when it talks about how when God made YOU, God made light. This is near to my heart because of David’s special needs. He was made to shine and he does. That’s beautiful. Matthias really liked the part about how His light shines in us, even in the dark, even at bedtime when we might be afraid. Lately he’s been a little scared at bedtime and this was a sweet reminder.

As you can see, David didn’t want to put it down. So sweet!

Matthew Paul Turner and his wife Jessica are friends of mine. I’ve been hearing about this book for a while and I am so thrilled to see it out in the world and to read these precious words to my boys {and myself!}. So meaningful.

God Made Light is available here. And there is an adorable floor puzzle and night light here.


  1. Lisa! Your kids,will also Love ,” Dont,Mess with Moses”(by Marty Nystrom!) Illustrated creatively by Steve Bjorkman. Story of,creation on pg 16_18. Many Treasures in here they will enjoy! Love,jeanne

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