so completely thrilled to be part of the newest artful blogging.

i absolutely love this magazine.

so inspiring, and filled with amazing images and creative women.




i’m so excited because the article doesn’t just talk about jewelry,

it talks about david’s birth and why i started the business.




it’s kind of a brief account of our story.

and there are so many other wonderful blogs featured.

go pick up a copy!




about three years ago, i shared david’s birth story in 5 chapters.

these are the original posts, and there are a few spelling errors,

it doesn’t flow perfectly (i should really re-write it!)

but if you have a few minutes and want to hear more details,

you can click through the links to share our journey.

chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

chapter four

chapter five

* * *

I {heart} my blog friends! thank you for being part of our journey.