today i’m going to get some really lovely coffee. {the camp coffee wasn’t my favorite, but it did the job.}

i’m going to notice all the blossoms popping up and get excited for spring.



i’m going to be thankful that we are starting out the week in our normal routine.

that david doesn’t have any doctor appointments this week.  yay!



i’m going to set a date for a haircut.  my hair has gotten so long.

i’ve been pulling it back a lot-which is fun.

but i am ready for a freshen up!




i’m going to wear my ‘key to my heart‘ necklace

and touch it all day long

and think about how abundantly blessed i am.

{that necklace is on sale today and tomorrow}

find it here.

feelin lucky? giveaway here.

* * *

what’s making your monday lovely?